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Wildfire sponsors “Ultraviolet” at dA Center for the Arts

Wildfire sponsors “Ultraviolet” at dA Center for the Arts

Pomona, Calif. USA, 30 June 2010 – Wildfire Inc., the industry leader in UV (aka ultraviolet or "black light") effects, fixtures and products, sponsored "Ultraviolet," an exhibit of artwork created for black light viewing, at the dA Center for the Arts through July 24. Wildfire donated high powered metal halide and linear fluorescent black lighting for the duration of the 3 month exhibition. Wildfire's manufacturer and wholesale supplier Modern Masters also donated a selection of Wildfire signature paints (luminescent, phosphorescent and fluorescent) for this modern exploration of the possibilities of UV in painting, sculpture and printmaking.

“We are absolutely thrilled to support the dA Center and the art community it serves, and to see the magic that occurs when UV tools are put into the hands of fine artists,” says Wildfire CEO John Berardi. “We agree with the dA Center that art is vital to empowering, transforming, healing and building communities. In the case of this exhibit, it opens everyone's eyes to the potential of UV effects, in addition to their established role in theatrical and entertainment settings.” The exhibit followed on a seminar held by the dA Center in April introducing artists to black light painting techniques.

Works featured in “Ultraviolet” include Jim Towler's 8-foot-tall polyurethane and fiberglass sculpture, Medusa, with snakes of red and blue; Kenneth Schwartz's small, plaster female torsos, Brick and Ribin; Thomas Stubbs' screen print of a giant, clawed insect in a business suit terrorizing city streets, Oly G. Archy; paintings from Robert Stillwell and Charles Fogg, and Tim Spain's re-imagined furniture.

About Wildfire, Inc.

Founded in 1989, Wildfire, Inc. has been the market leader in the UV effects industry from its inception. Manufacturing the lights, lamps and both visible and invisible fluorescent paints, the company's philosophy has always been that what they are really providing is an effect. Wildfire's commitment to a specialized market has placed Wildfire effects and products at top amusement parks around the world, on concert tours utilizing dual image backdrops, in family entertainment centers and theatrical productions - anywhere that an operator, designer or producer seeks to create a magical shift in the guest environment. Visit

About The dA Center

The dA Center for the Arts enhances the quality of life for the greater community by providing opportunities to experience, appreciate and support the arts. Mission statement: “We believe that: Imagination is essential and should be encouraged and celebrated. Shared information increases understanding. Art is vital to empowering, transforming, healing and building communities. Art enhances the quality of life. Art should be accessible to everyone.” Executive director is Marcella Swett. Visit

Ultraviolet exhibit black light posterUltraviolet exhibit black light poster 2

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