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Widespread Panic Gets Green With Bandit

Widespread Panic Gets Green With Bandit

wsp-nye-2.jpgJam band favorites Widespread Panic took a big step toward going Green in 2010 under the artful eye of designer extraordinaire Paul Hoffman. Paul, tour manager Steve Lopez and production manager Chris Rabold all worked seamlessly with Bandit San Francisco GM Dizzy Gosnell throughout the year to continually develop and evolve new lighting system, each being a bit more LED than the one before.

Paul Hoffman is an absolute illumination genius producing show after show of unbelievable lighting effects, each one surpassing the one before! Throughout the year, Paul incorporated circles, wave, straight lines and multiple combinations thereof. Pink Floydesque projections were created using moving lights, creating no end of stunning visuals.

Paul's equipment over the year has included 600 watt ACL's, Thomas 8 Lights, ETC Source 4's, VL 3500 Washes, VL 3000 Spots, Coemar Infinity Washes, Alpha Bean 300's, MAC 2000 Washes with Beam Kit, GRNLite PAR 3-36, GRNLite Batten 3-54, GLP Impressions and Grand MA consoles. Hoffman changed the design each leg of the tour, as he has in the past. It is eerily uncanny how in touch with the band and the music Hoffman is. This high degree of integration is something seldom seen in the music business.

The visual fireworks that Paul creates is so beautiful one must really see photos, or better yet, the live show. Every song is totally unique from all of the others. The lighting flows just as smoothly as does the music from this world-class group of musicians. Playing to sold out shows in every venue, the crowds are always left waiting for more visual and audio adrenaline.

The Green aspect of Widespread has slowly grown with the introduction of several different products. The lowered power consumption coupled with the lack of heat from the LED fixtures is a win-win for everyone. Hoffman plans on moving even farther into green products next year on the 2011 tour.

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