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Widespread Panic Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Bandit!

Widespread Panic has had a long, fun journey over the last 25 years and celebrated it this fall with a jaunt around the US with Bandit Lites supplying the lighting. Creative genius and designer extraordinaire Paul Hoffman again weaved his visual excellence into an experience that took the fans to new heights each evening. Paul is more like a member of the band than anything else, and crafts his free flowing art around the band like a comfortable, warm blanket, that is as visually stunning as the tie-dyed t-shirts adorning the audience.

Tour manager Steve Lopez, production manager Mike Smith and Bandit San Francisco GM Dizzy Gosnell worked effortlessly together to support the tour along the way. Bandit staff Shawn Beaulieu, Wayne Lotoza and Dave Langford keep the show rolling each night.

The creative genius that is Paul Hoffman once more executed another unique design that left the audience in awe ever night. Arches of truss in a staggered waterfall, loaded with 100 GRNLite LED PARs, created no end of stunning visuals. Paul always changes things a bit to keep the show fresh and the crowd far from complacent. This trip he utilized Martin MAC III's, a new tool for him. Paul also incorporated VL 3000 Spots, GLP Impressions, and Grand MA consoles. Paul also used the new, fully programmable Bandit 5x5 Blinders. Unlike other fixtures, these new units are easily programmable with any pattern you can conceive!

No two songs ever look the same throughout the night, as Paul strives very hard to assure that each and every morsel of Widespread Music is treated just as uniquely as the music itself was conceived. A Paul Hoffman Widespread Panic show is more like a religious experience than a concert, and nightly thousands of people are converted. As the band wraps up celebrating their 25th anniversary, this show was certainly one of their finest. While not actually carrying a projection system, the large format images Paul was able to create with his MAC III's and VL 3000's was quite amazing, leaving you looking for the projectors!

Widespread Panic is an iconic American band with a huge following that absorb their every action. As the guys wind down in 2011 they have just announced a limited number of acoustic dates for 2012, known as the Wood Tour. Be on the lookout for Paul and the band and you can rest assured that Paul will produce yet another new and unusual look for the Wood Tour. Who knows, wooden lights?

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