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Who's Doing What In Vancouver

Who's Doing What In Vancouver

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The news surrounding the Olympic Games in Vancouver keeps rolling in, and we plan to cover as much as we can in the coming weeks, but here's just a taste of what's going on so far. Of course, most of these folks are too busy to chat just yet, so expect more details on dozens of these projects.

Nathan Wilson of Performance Environment Design Group/Artfag is handling design at a few locations, including the Medals Plaza in Whistler, as well as LiveCity Yaletown (stage rendering pictured) and LiveCity Downtown, part of the LiveCity Vancouver celebration sites, where large screens will show sporting events and live acts will perform.

Programmer Sean Cagney of Mode Studios has also just headed to Vancouver from Brooklyn, but he has yet to elaborate on his involvement, though we suspect he might be crashing (kidding, Cags). We're sure someone will put him to work.

PRG is one of the main vendors, providing tons of gear in several locations, not the least of which includes a lighting package for the opening and closing ceremonies, with lighting design by Bob Dickinson. We understand they are also handling the audio package at the Whistler Medals Plaza, lighting the nightly Victory ceremonies at BC Place, as well as suppling lighting and audio at the Samsung Pavilion and video for the Ontario Pavilion.

E/T/C Audiovisuel is providing the video/projection system for opening and closing ceremonies, two Victory ceremonies, and the Paralympics opening ceremonies. Working with E/T/C Audiovisuel's Patrice Bouqueniaux, Solotech will supply the projectors for the opener and closer, as well as for the Paralympics, and is also supplying video equipment for Coca-Cola and Québec Pavilions and the Live City Site.

Fisheye has designed and is building a custom multi-screen video decor piece for the Netherlands TV station NOS.

Electric Aura Projects is working on "Experience BC At Robson Square," as well as production and lighting design for the Paralympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies and for the IOC Opening Session, lighting design for the City of West Vancouver's Live Site, and lighting consulting for the Yukon segment of the Vancouver Victory Ceremonies. Epic Production Technologies and Christie Lites are both supplying gear for these projects.

Tour Tech East will also have gear in various spaces.

If you're working the Games, the Pavilions, or the LiveCity areas, or anything related to Vancouver 2010, tell us what you're doing there: [email protected]. Stay tuned for continuing coverage...

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