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Wholehog Software v3.2.0 Training at ARCUS Lighting Germany

Wholehog Software v3.2.0 Training at ARCUS Lighting Germany

ARCUS Lighting, the exclusive distributor of High End Systems and Flying Pig Systems in Germany, provided their customers a two days insight into the new Wholehog software v3.2.0. Wholehog v3.2.0 training with ARCUSIn collaboration with High End Systems' Jens Hillenkotter, ARCUS gave their customers the opportunity to learn all features of the new v3.2.0 software. Hillenkotter conducted the training and demonstrated the new features including color coding, keystroke macros, selective show merging and many more. Of particular interest to all students was the new network tracking and failover systems.

More than 10 complete workstations each with a Road Hog Full Boar and Road Hog Playback Wing connected to visualization software provided the optimal conditions to train all the possibilities of programming and networking.

Lighting Designer Teddy Goetz of Tour Service Lichtdesign Germany said: "The new features are really excellent. We use Wholehog consoles for a long time on many shows. These features will be the next step into the future of programming. We'll use them at our next shows."

Frank Hofmann of Scandesign Berlin said: "High End Systems is on the right way. In this new software are many features included, which are essential for an operator. I like to use the direct entry of values in the encoder bar. It is important for working with media servers."

Julia Zeitlinger, a new operator in the Wholehog family, said about the training: "It was amazing. I appreciate ARCUS and Jens being part of this software training."

All users were excited about the professional set up and the opportunity for intensive and individual conversations about the new Wholehog software v3.2.0. The training was well organized and provided all with a very good base for their daily work with the new software.

Bill Morris, Chief Executive Officer of High End Systems said: "Together with ARCUS Lighting, our exclusive distributor for Germany, we developed a complete series of intensive training programs for our customers. In the near future customers will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Lighting Consoles, Digital Lighting, Automated Luminaires through High End Systems and ARCUS Lighting in Germany".

More training courses are planned through ARCUS. Contact Jens Hillenkotter or ARCUS Lighting Germany

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