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The White Stuff! Elation Introduces WW Tone High-Output For Broadcast, Stage, Front of House Applications Warm White LED Wash

The White Stuff! Elation Introduces WW Tone High-Output For Broadcast, Stage, Front of House Applications Warm White LED Wash

ww-tone2.jpgLOS ANGELES – Whether in the broadcast studio or live on stage, the new WW Tone warm white wash from Elation Professional is sure to be a stellar performer. This high-output 100-watt DMX LED wash fixture not only generates the perfect shade of warm white (3,000K color temperature 82 CRI), it's also got all the professional features that make it ideal for key lighting, stage washing and front of house applications.

Powered by the new, advanced Bridgeluxâ„¢ LED source, the WW Tone produces an intensely bright output – 420 lux/40 foot-candles at 20 feet -- without emitting the heat onto performers that is typically associated with conventional stage lights. A true reliable day-in day-out trouper, its LED source is so durable and maintenance-free that it's backed by a much longer-than-industry-average 5-year LED Engine warranty from the manufacturer.

Additionally, the WW Tone runs noiselessly. So although its bright white wash will definitely be seen, it will never be heard, making it the perfect light for TV studios and theaters where silent operation is required. Producing an extremely even field of light, the WW Tone also makes an ideal “house light” for long throw applications in houses of worship and other installations as an energy-saving replacement for 500-watt par and flood lights.

Flexible enough to handle different wash requirements, the WW Tone comes with a 25° lens standard, which produces a 23° beam angle and 48° field angle. An optional 45° lens is also available to yield a 43.5° beam angle and 79° field angle. The fixture also includes barn doors and a gel frame, allowing its light to be concentrated onto a particular object or area and/or color filters to be added.

To give users even more options, the WW Tone features a built-in dimmer and strobe, which can be operated either manually or via DMX control. The fixture can be run in two DMX modes, 1- or 2-channel. A convenient LED display on the rear of the unit gives operators access to both manual control and DMX settings.

“Anyone in need of an all-around great professional warm white wash for broadcast key lighting, stage and theater applications, or house lights, should take a look at the WW Tone,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “This 100-watt fixture produces a very bright, even field of light, it's virtually maintenance-free, and its LED source is very cool-running and energy efficient. Plus, it comes with a manufacturer's 5-year LED Engine warranty, which adds to its value.”

Consuming 100 watts of electricity at maximum use, the WW Tone includes multi-voltage operation (120V-240V 50/60Hz). The fixture is also very compact and portable, measuring just 13.7” x 9.6” x 6.6”/ 348 x 244 x 168mm and weighing 15.4 lbs./ 7 kg.

For more information, contact Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

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