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White & Black Christmas & New Year for Presentation Rentals with New Clay Paky Purchase

White & Black Christmas & New Year for Presentation Rentals with New Clay Paky Purchase


London UK based creative and technical solutions provider Presentation Rentals (PR) has invested in new Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800s and A.LEDA Wash K.10 moving lights – in both black and white!

This reflects a busy autumn and run-up to Christmas for the company, which provided technical production for a full range of shows and events.

Thirty CP units were purchased in total – 16 Spots, eight in each colour – and 12 washes, eight in black and four white. They are the first white versions of both types of fixtures in the UK.

It’s PR’s first purchase of Clay Paky fixtures.

MA Ian Coull comments, “We had been looking to upgrade our existing moving light stock for some time and after a lot of research and comparisons, we reckoned that Clay Paky was a good choice offering the latest technology plus excellent service and support through UK distributors, Ambersphere. The brand was also recommended to us by several others”.

They arrived just in time for the black ones to go out on a Bollywood film shoot. The first assignment for the white ones was a party for You Tube in London.

The Alpha Spot QWO uses the latest MSR Platinum 800W lightsource to produce an intense ‘sparkling’ light that is brighter than older 1200W lamps. Features include a very wide zoom from 7.6 to 55 degrees, uniform beam distribution at all zoom angles and a unique Stay-Sharp-Zoom function that locks images in focus whilst zooming.

The A.LEDA WASH K.10 is the mid range model of CP’s A.LEDA Series, and the first professional CP fixture to utilise LED lightsources. It offers all the benefits of LED technology – low energy consumption, long-living light source, small size, light weight – and is fitted with multicolour RGBW LEDs that produce a full range of vivid colours and excellent shades of white. The motorised 14 – 70 degree zoom is fully controllable and the colour of each LED can be separately controlled. This is a unique feature enabling the creation of endless colour variations that also enable each LED to be used as a pixel for drawing dynamically changing graphic images.

Says Coull, “LED fixtures are always a good choice for the environment, and they will be ideal for venues and environments where space and power is limited”.

Furthermore, the white ones are the perfect match for their white d&b T10 and B4 loudspeakers, purchased a year ago.

In addition to the new moving lights, PR has bought a new Chamsys MagicQ 100 lighting console. By popular demand, this was selected as the best, most flexible and cost-effective control option of the moment.

Another recent purchase was more of Core Lighting's innovative Point 20 battery powered wireless DMX controlled LED uplighters.

A new Lighting Designer – Luke Edwards – has joined the PR team. Having worked extensively in Belgium for the last few years and fluent in French, he will focus on PR’s increasing international work as well as its UK business.

Photo : Presentation Rentals’ Justin Hammond on the left and Ian Coull on the right.

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