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What to Look For on the LDI Floor Pt. 4

What to Look For on the LDI Floor Pt. 4

There are a lot of great new products to be found at LDI 2010. You have one more day to explore the show floor, and a short one at that, since the show runs from 10am until 2pm. Then it will go away until next year at the end of October in Orlando. Here are a few of the products that people found cool and interesting.

A number of different designers and attendees when asked what was the coolest thing that they saw at this year's LDI. I got an overwhelming response to take a long look at the Martin Professional MAC 101.

Martin MAC 101

The MAC 101 is a small and simple LED moving head wash light. It is very light, around 7 pounds and very cost effective. It features a tight, bright beam, fast movement, and calibrated colors with a low price tag. You can find Martin in booths 756 and 1157. For more information, you can go to

I got a few votes for the interactive demo ofPandoras Box from coolux, which you can see in booth #720. For more information, you can go to:

I heard from a lot of people that thought that the Pocket Console for the iPhone/iPad/iPod from Baxter Controls in booth #412 was one of the coolest products that they saw at the show. The Pocket Console for iPlatforms now comes with DMX NETport, and yes, they did show it last year in beta, but now it's finished and ready for its unveiling. Like the original Pocket Console, this new version does up to 36 channels. You can use it to tech moving lights with it. Six faders per page, and six pages for a total of 36 channels. Can be used both horizontally or vertically. It can act like an RFU; and has a DMX in so you can do a dimmer or channel check. Stop by Booth #412 and check it out for yourself.

I stopped in at City Theatrical, booth 1424 and was really impressed by their new PDS-750 TRX power/data supply for Philips Color Kinetics CKDMX LED fixtures. The unit can be controlled with all popular Ethernet protocols including Streaming ACN, Art-Net, or KiNet, as well as wired and wireless DMX. The unit is also fully RDM-enabled. Every unit includes a built-in SHoW DMX® receiver and provides full control capability for the Philips CK ColorBlast 12 TRX, as well as 16-bit and 8-bit ColorBlast 12 TRs, iW Blast 12s, conventional 8-bit ColorBlast 12s, ColorBlast 6s, ColorSplash 2s, and other CKDMX fixtures. It can control any mix of these fixtures without wasted DMX slots.

I've got plenty more from where these came from, along with photos that I will be posting.

I would love to hear from attendees on what they think as they see these and the many other new products at the show. You can feel free to drop me an e-mail at [email protected], tweet me at, or just stop me on the floor and tell me what you've discovered.

Michael S. Eddy owns Eddy Marketing & Consulting, which handles marketing, media relations and events. He also freelances as a writer on design and technology. He can be reached at [email protected] He has worked in the entertainment technology industry for over 25 years with ETC, Rosco, Barbizon and Kliegl Bros. as well as being a lighting designer and technical editor.

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