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What to Look For on the LDI Floor Pt. 3

What to Look For on the LDI Floor Pt. 3

Here are some more items that I think are worth your time and you should stop by and see them for yourselves.

I'm sure that you've seen a few LEDs on the show floor. Here are a few that are intriguing and worth a closer inspection.

Tyler Truss

Known for their truss solutions, Tyler Truss in booth 1224, has made a move into LED screens with their Roll Up LED Video Wall that they have collaborated with Pix2o. Now you don't have to live with a solid screen through your production. You can wheel it in, hook it to motors, fly it up and now you can lower and raise your LED video screen. They are also introducing the Tyler Centerlineâ„¢ truss, which is designed to replace the traditional 20.5” box truss with a 16” wide by 20” design that is actually stronger than its predecessor. With this form factor you can increase truss truck pack density by 50%. A center cord along the bottom allows technicians to hang lighting, projection, or other fixtures at the truss' natural center of gravity. It also features horizontally-oriented spigot connections for quick and easy assembly of long truss runs and corner blocks will no longer be necessary to create non-load bearing corners. For more information, go to

PixZel Effects

A company that I am looking forward to checking out is PixZel Effects in booth 2745, who has sent out a teaser to see “The new LED drape.” Consider me hooked. For more information, go to



LEDs are coming in more and more creative packages, which allow designers a wider range of possibilities incorporating LEDs into their designs. Really, imagination is one of the final limits. Rectangular LED screens, or big TVs are so five years ago. Pixled has been coming up with more flexible LED products. Stop by the Pixled booth #2540 and check out their new lightweight creative LED displays, including the new F-6, a 6mm LED product that can be bent and curved in any direction. Using a new black chip 6mm emitter, it can curve horizontal and vertical, convex and concave. They also have the F-37L, with a 37mm resolution that looks a lot like LED snow fence. It can be rolled up, twisted, or bent to your creative whims. For more information, go to

I would love to hear from attendees on what they think as they see these and the many other new products at the show. You can feel free to drop me an e-mail at [email protected], tweet me at, or just stop me on the floor and tell me what you've discovered.

Michael S. Eddy owns Eddy Marketing & Consulting, which handles marketing, media relations and events. He also freelances as a writer on design and technology. He can be reached at [email protected] He has worked in the entertainment technology industry for over 25 years with ETC, Rosco, Barbizon and Kliegl Bros. as well as being a lighting designer and technical editor.

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