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What to Look For on the LDI Floor Pt. 2

What to Look For on the LDI Floor Pt. 2

Day One of LDI 2010 is in the books! What an amazing day, but it went by like a shot. You don't have a lot of time at LDI and you need to make the most of it; plan, plan, plan. Make a schedule to see the floor and check out the products and releases. Also, remember to schedule in some flex time. It's tough trying to see everything; stop and catch up with friends and colleagues that you may not have seen for years; and make all the rounds of parties, dinners, etc.

Here are some more items that I think are worth your time and you should stop by and see them for yourselves. I have been speaking with manufacturer's and distributors about what's new and what may be worth your valuable time while at LDI.

Software Updates

There are a lot of software updates making their debut at this year's LDI.


Jands Vista V2 Byron

Jands is previewing the latest beta version of V2 Byron software for the Jands Vista consoles. It extends, Vista's core idea of ‘think visually, work visually.' They will be in their exclusive North American distributor's booth, A.C. Lighting Inc. in booth #812. Incorporating user feedback, Jands have refined elements of the Vista as well as introducing new features to make it faster and even easier to use. Jands has rebuilt the software from the ground up and with Vista V2 ‘Byron' software, they will have a whole new platform. New features include simple one button storing; fast cue list navigation; “super-search” filtering of items; synchronised effects; a library of matrix effects templates; ‘detail' view windows; split fade times; an on board fixture editor; command line interface; and visual media server control. For more information, go to and

ESP Vision releases 3D Studio Max 2011 plug-ins from ESP Vision

You stop by booth 415 and see what's new from ESP Vision. They are showing off Vision 3 for the Mac, which was in beta at last year's LDI and released this past February. It looks a lot more like 3D Studio Max and handles transparencies better amongst many new features. They are planning for Vision to become cross-platform early in 2011. Also, they now have modeling plug-ins for use with Autodesk's 3D Studio Max 2011.

FYI, support for 3D Studio Max versions 2009 and prior is discontinued, as well as support for Autodesk VIZ 2007 and 2008. Following this release, Vision models can be created using 3D Studio Max 2011, 3D Studio Max 2010, Vectorworks Spotlight 2010 (PC and MAC) and Vectorworks Spotlight 2009 (PC and MAC). You can get more information at

Compulite Vector Software Update

Compulite introduced a new software update for the Vector series lighting consoles. You can find the consoles in the Creative Stage Lighting booth, 1440. V3.18R01 adds a number of new features and enhancements to Vector consoles, including: a GUI overhaul adding new and improved look and feel to the screen views; new look buttons with the ability to design and set up soft keys with custom fonts, colors, patterns, and sizes; new dimmer operations of Single Dimmer Exam, Port swap and single dimmer display info on the command line; feature enabling 200% for the Grand Master; and over 200 device profiles have been added or updated. All Vector consoles now offer support for ACN and DMX over Ethernet. You can find the full release notes and the software download on Compulite's website: http://www.compulite.comFor more information go to

Much more to follow.

I would love to hear from attendees on what they think as they see these and the many other new products at the show. You can feel free to drop me an e-mail at [email protected], tweet me at, or just stop me on the floor and tell me what you've discovered.

Michael S. Eddy owns Eddy Marketing & Consulting, which handles marketing, media relations and events. He also freelances as a writer on design and technology. He can be reached at [email protected] He has worked in the entertainment technology industry for over 25 years with ETC, Rosco, Barbizon and Kliegl Bros. as well as being a lighting designer and technical editor.

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