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What to Look For on the LDI Floor

What to Look For on the LDI Floor

LDI 2010 has begun with training sessions, Backstage Las Vegas, the Projection Master Class, and of course the setting up of exhibits on the show floor and in demonstration rooms. I will be blogging before, during, and after LDI about new products and technologies that I think are worth your time and you should stop by and see them for yourselves. I have been scouring the hall, peeking in crates, and speaking with manufacturer's and distributors about what's new and what may be worth your valuable time while at LDI.

I would love to hear from attendees on what they think as they see these and the many other new products at the show. You can feel free to drop me an e-mail at [email protected], tweet me at, or just stop me on the floor and tell me what you've discovered.

In this first post I am going to give you a sneak peek some new lighting fixture products that are being debuted at LDI. You may want to put them on your Friday show floor list.

ETC Source Four XTâ„¢ HID Zoom


The ETC Source Four® ellipsoidal was launched at LDI in 1992. It's grown and expanded in the time since and now, the Source Four line gets a new addition – the Source Four XTâ„¢ HID Zoom, which is designed for exterior usage. By using a 150W HID lamp, the XT will have an average lamp life of 12,000 hours, which reduces maintenance. What makes it interesting is that from what I have seen so far, it's a whole new design, not just a modified existing Source Four ellipsoidal. The body is made of aluminum with stainless steel fittings, another good way to ensure a long life for the fixture when left out in the elements for long periods of time. The light has a 15° to 30° optical system, built-in shutters, and works with A- and B-size patterns and dichroic colors. A nice design touch is that the unit can be re-lamped without breaking focus or accessing the optical chamber. If you want to highlight architectural features or project a logo for a retail project, the XT HID Zoom Source Four deserves a look. ETC's booth is #1200. For more information, check out

And now for the LED's! Some wags are calling this LEDI. There are just a few LED fixtures at the show. Here are some of the new ones being introduced.

ETC Selador® Pearlâ„¢ LED Fixture


The Pearlâ„¢ is a white light LED fixture from ETC's Selador® LED series. A lot of manufacturer's have been adding white and amber LEDs to their units or moving towards all ‘white' LED units. It is interesting seeing Selador that made it's name with seven color LEDs go all white. I will be very interested to see this unit in action, especially how a camera reacts to the LEDs. The unit uses a mix of warm white (3,200K) and cool white (5,700K) LEDs and can be mixed to get that ‘just right' white color temperature. The base unit has a 17° field angle and works with Selador's lens system that includes horizontal and vertical spreads of 20°, 30°, 40°, 60°, and 80°. Drawing 125W the Pearl produces 3,460 lumens and is available in all of the current Selador fixture lengths. Booth #1200. For more information on the Pearl, go to

GLP Impression Meisterstück Fresnel


I have really liked what the original GLP Impression LED fixtures and their newest, the Impression Meisterstück Fresnel continues to impress (not to use a pun!) The Meisterstück Fresnel uses RGBW LED sources and creates a single beam of light through the lens, which means one shadow, no more annoying rainbow shadows that RGB LED units became known. The unit has a 9° to 33° zoom range, which is created by moving the actual light source just like a Fresnel. The unit has a liquid cooling method to reduce noise, so you can use the unit in a lot more places that you previously couldn't due to fixture noise. The Meisterstück carries forward the Impression baseless design, which helps reduce weight. Translated to English, Meisterstück means masterpiece; I don't know if I would quite go that far yet, but I will check it out in depth and let you know. For a demonstration, go to the GLP booth #2034. For more on the Impression Meisterstück, please go to

PRG OHMâ„¢ Light


PRG is debuting the PRG OHMâ„¢ Light, an LED-based, color temperature adjustable spacelight which can replace traditional spacelights on a 1-for-1 basis, drawing only 8A versus 42A for a 5kW tungsten spacelight. It uses an array of 16 Gekko Technology's kleer colour® LED emitters. They use a fascinating system with optical and thermal feedback. This feedback ensures that the LEDs can still match color over time and heat. The OHM can be controlled locally or remotely via DMX, so you can set color temperature and light levels easily at the light or from a DMX controller. By using LEDs with their low-power draw, you no longer need dimmers and a Socapex cable that traditional spacelights require. In addition to using it straight down as a spacelight, with or without the bag, you can also use it on a stand for a broad wash of soft light. You can get a demonstration of the OHM Light in the PRG demonstration room N113. For more information, go to

Multiform/Apollo Design Technology MultiSpot HP & MultiBeam HP LED Fixtures


Multiform has some new LED fixtures and will be showing them in the Apollo Design Technology, Inc. booth, #1412. The MultiSpot HP uses an array of nine 3W MulTriCell LED devices for a total of 27W, and uses what Multiform calls UCO (uniform color output) so you don't see any colored pixels. The lens has a beam angle of 30° degrees. The MultiSpot HP uses temperature-controlled fan cooling and a quiet switch-mode power supply and uses 4 channels of DMX control.


They will also be showing off the MultiBeam HP for indoor lighting applications. The unit uses an array with 18 3W MulTriCell LED devices for a total of 54W of output. It also uses the UCO for color smoothing. The MultiBeam has an internal 60W active PFC switch mode power supply with forced-air cooling. The unit also uses four channels of DMX and is available in either stand-alone or remote control operation. For further information on Multiform products please go to or to

I will have much more to come in future posts. Again, I would love to hear from you on what you discover, what you think is cool, and what you find that solves your challenges. You can feel free to drop me an e-mail at [email protected], tweet me at, or just stop me on the floor and tell me what you've discovered.

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