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Welcome to Cleveland! Have a fruit roll up!

We have landed in Cleveland and nearly concluded day one of the Greatest, entertainment themed, Road Trip Ever in 2010.

Jeff and I have found a good rhythm and keep the banter and stimulating conversation rolling.

Our stop in Buffalo was heavenly. We are just now starting to come down off of the Buffalo Wing high that kept us in a fog for most of the afternoon.

We arrived here around 7pm and went to the Beck Center for the Arts to meet Sound Designer, and my first design mentor, Richard Ingraham. He gave us a tour of the Beck Center and then demonstrated the new Software Audio Console. It is pretty cool. A very powerful platform with a lot of uses.

Richard is using it in his design for Putnam Co. Spelling Bee. It was a nice laugh because that show premiered at

Barrington Stage Company where I regularly work and Jeff's wife, Laura is the Director of Marketing.

We then took in a nice local pub, the Rush Inn, where we unfortunately missed out on peiroggies.

My observations for the day are:

-I would rather have a hard rain than a mist.

-Upstate NY wine is...unique..

-Jeff is a good driver.

-The Iphone needs video Skype to make my daughter happy.

Tomorrow we will arise, triumphantly, and head towards the great state of my birth, Indiana. Another theater tour, some fun people, and plenty of random stops along the way.

We are still accepting votes to name my car and will attempt all geographical challenges and suggestions.



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