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A Week In

A Week In

So, a week in to President Obama's reign, and we've been inundated by inauguration news. Sorry if I missed you last week, but here are even more of our colleagues involved in the festivities.


JBL Professional and Crown Audio divisions were deployed by sound company Maryland Sound (MSI) for the Inauguration Ceremony. The sound reinforcement system featured JBL Professional VERTEC® line array loudspeakers powered by Crown Audio I-Tech amplifiers and managed using Harman HiQnetâ„¢ System Architectâ„¢ software. The company's VP7315DP, VRX932 and Control 25AV speakers projected the swearing-in ceremony, the new president's speech and performances by a host of leading artists. The sound system was designed by Pat Baltzell of Baltzell Audio Design and was supplied by Maryland Sound (MSI). Following the Swearing in Ceremonies, Maryland Sound (MSI) also provided Vertec Line Arrays for the Inaugural Parade route from the Capitol to the White House. Maryland Sound also provided Production Intercom's new AD-Cat5 cable to replace long runs of mic cable, as well as Sennheiser MKH microphones for the swearing in.

Showcall, Inc. claims to have snagged a record number of Inaugural-related events. Of the 121 unofficial balls, the company provided audio visual production, and overall stage and production management, for the Texas State Society's Black Tie & Boots Ball at the Gaylord Hotel, audio visual production for the Net Live Ball at the Corcoran Museum of Art, lighting for the official ball at Union Station, and overall event production for the Farewell Event for President Bush at Andrews Air Force Base. Showcall's new Security Division provided over 75,000sq-ft. of tenting, 11,500kW of power, enough power cable to stretch between DC and Baltimore and back, heat equivalent for two sports arenas, dozens of golf carts, and other security event assets for the United States Secret Service in Baltimore and Washington DC.


Drape Kings provided soft goods for the 30th Street station kickoff event in Philadelphia prior to the Inauguration. The company was also hired by multiple contractors since the kickoff commenced to drape numerous other inaugural festivities.

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