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Wedding Wishes Glow Bright with CHAUVET® SlimPARâ„¢ Pro Tri

Wedding Wishes Glow Bright with CHAUVET® SlimPARâ„¢ Pro Tri

slim-par-pro-tri-on-make-a-wsh-bride.jpgTOPEKA, Kan. – The first episode of We TV's My Fair Wedding features 12 SlimPARâ„¢ Pro Tri wash lights. Specified and installed by Lights Incredible, based in Kansas City, Mo., the flicker-free fixtures are part of a special episode called “Make a Wish Bride”. The episode features the wedding of a Topeka bride who put off her wedding plans while her young son recovers from cancer. The son in kind asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation to bring My Fair Wedding's David Tutera to Topeka, Kan., to help give his mom her dream wedding.

Specified for their on-camera suitability as well as their compact size and low profile, SlimPARâ„¢ Pro Tri fixtures added flexibility and precise color temperature to the setting.

“They're sturdy, take up no room and look fantastic,” Carol Rosenstein of Lights Incredible said. “We placed them around the perimeter of the room uplighting each of the fabric panels as well as around the back. They gave the ceiling a colorful glow throughout the reception and their output got more intense as the sun went down. The view from outside was beautiful.”

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