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We Were A-Runnin' (At LDI)

We Were A-Runnin' (At LDI)

So, just when you think you've exhausted all the possibilities for self-abuse at LDI, Ben Saltzman of A.C.T Lighting came up with a new one for a few of us: running a half marathon the Saturday of LDI at 6am. Now, before you judge, it made sense: Ben was (and still is) training for the NYC Marathon next weekend, so he coaxed a few of us (some more willing than others, but all very happy in the end) to head out from Treasure Island on Saturday, October 23 to run somewhere between 13 and 14 miles.

Here is the proof (l to r): Ben Saltzman, Philip Norfolk of MA Lighting UK, George Masek of Vari-Lite, Gary Fails of City Theatrical, Greg Cohen of Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design, and yours truly.

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