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We don't need no education... Or do you ?

Among other great things that happened in the last two weeks (directing/designing/and producing a Journey DVD was a pretty big highlight), Colleen and I have been named heads of a new program at CalArts which makes Video & Projection Design an MFA concentration...

Some of you may know that we've been teaching there for the past 3 years. That time and those courses have been spent in an effort to derive a good MFA curriculum for Video & Projection Design in the Theatre Department. The fine folks at California Institute for the Arts have finally given the thumbs up and we are moving ahead.

So now, on to recruiting. If any of you are BFA or BA students, about to graduate, with an interest in getting an MFA at CalArts in Video & Projection Design, we invite you to apply. We're going to be reaching out to some friends who teach at the undergrad level, to try to get a bead on some promising folks... But we're also putting the call out broadband style. Come join us in what is going to be a tremendous new program. Students will be taking MFA level lighting classes from Don Holder, Scenic Design from Chris Baracca, Video & Projection from us... As well as opportunities to take interactive courses from the School of Integrated Media at CalArts, classes in the Animation Program, and in the Film School. It's fantastic cross pollination, and we intend to help create some of the most potent visual designers in live design.

Interested ? Drop either Colleen ( or me ( an email. We'll help to get application processes going and financial aid packages rolling.

-Bob Bonniol

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