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WATCHOUT on tour in The Great Journey across Europe

The experience takes the young travellers on a journey around the world in 37 minutes, exploring faraway countries and places such as mountains and valleys, dark woods and even the bottom of the sea.
“For some children, theatre and cultural activities are not always accessible. Our bus makes a stop right in front of schools and takes them on a trip,” says Judith Nab.
Inspired by a 6-month journey across the world when Nab was just ten years old, Nab created all the animated drawings with her father Dirck Nab.
“WATCHOUT gave us the opportunity to work with foreground and background images and adapt them to our needs. WATCHOUT is easy to use and very reliable.”
“WATCHOUT was a good choice for this installation and combines education and the visitor experience,” says Jan Breel, Managing Director at AV Trade.
Fredrik Svahnberg, Marketing Director at Dataton adds: “the creative ways in which WATCHOUT is used always impresses us. We’re delighted that this experience has been so successful for thousands of children across Europe.”
The Great Journey’s tour schedule can be found at
Photography © Judith Nab.

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