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W-DMX™ Visionaries Honored at LDI

W-DMX™ Visionaries Honored at LDI

vis-elation.jpgWireless Solution Sweden AB would like to congratulate the latest winners of the W-DMXâ„¢ Visionary Awards, held during LDI 09 in Orlando. Elation, SGM and Golden Sea were all awarded Swedish gifts at a special ceremony honoring W-DMX OEM partners for the first time.

vis-sgm.jpg“Our OEM partners are the backbone of W-DMX,” says Wireless Solution CEO Niclas Arvidsson, “The fact that W-DMX is built directly into some of the most popular product ranges is a sign of trust that they have researched and found the best possible solution to achieve wireless DMX. It also ensures a wider range of compatibility among products overall. We wanted to show our gratitude toward Elation, SGM and Golden Sea for taking the lead of our OEM partners.”

Toby Velasquez accepted the award on behalf of Elation, while Giorgio Radice represented SGM, and Jiang Wei Kai brought back the award for Golden Sea. A large crowd gathered at the Wireless Solution booth to congratulate the winners while enjoying a Swedish celebration of vodka and meatballs.vis-goldensea.jpg

The W-DMX Visionary Awards were established in 2007 as a way to give special recognition to individuals in the professional lighting industry who have been instrumental in the success of W-DMX through their vision about how it could be applied to great advantage in their respective production environments. Past winners have used W-DMX in productions such as LE RÊVE in Las Vegas, The Pyramids of Giza and Hollywood productions such as Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer and The Watchmen.

“We look forward to seeing great things from our OEM partners as new products continue to hit the market,” says Arvidsson, “and we will continue to support them every step of the way.”

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Top L to R: Toby Velasquez accepts for Elation with Niclas Arvidsson and Lotta Schiefer

Center L to R: Martin Simonsson, Giorgio Radice of SGM, Niclas Arvidsson

Bottom L to R: Jiang Wei Kai of Golden Sea, Niclas Arvidsson

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