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W-DMXâ„¢ is playing a major role in lighting Singapore's tallest viewing tower – the Tiger Sky Tower. Located in Sentosa, it offers panoramic views at 430 feet (131 meters) above sea level across Singapore, Sentosa, the Southern Islands, and all the way to Malaysia and the Indonesian islands.


Creative Lighting Asia (CLA) worked with Saatchi and Saatchi Singapore for the re-branding of the Sentosa Sky Tower for Asia Pacific Breweries. Now renamed the Tiger Sky Tower, the viewing attraction has been given a makeover with Tiger Beer branding with part of the central column becoming a giant Tiger beer bottle. CLA was asked to come up with a solution for lighting the tower in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. 60 Color Kinetics Color Blast Powercore were used to light the rotating cabin, with an additional 30 iWhite Blasts used to light the column above and below the cabin.

An iPlayer 3 was utilized for the control with DMX signal sent using W-DMXâ„¢ by Wireless Solution Sweden AB. The controller and W-DMX transmitter were housed inside the rotating cabin with data broadcast to the iWhite fixtures in the pit. This enables the fittings to be controlled from the moving cabin and the ability to fade out when the cabin reaches ground level. The system is triggered by an infrared sensor when the cabin rises, running a "take off" effect followed by the iWhite fixtures lighting up the column and more subtle color effects as the cabin heads to full height.


“W-DMX was the only solution for this application as the cabin moves in height as well as rotation, so cables were out of the question,” explains Tony Symms, Project Lighting Manager for CLA, “The receiver is mounted in the pit using a standard antenna, with a narrow beam antenna on the cabin to ensure a reliable wireless link. An additional benefit of using W-DMX is that the receiver and transmitter can be reversed, allowing DMX to be broadcast to the cabin at full height for viewing when programming and demonstrating the effects to the client. This was a challenging project with a very tight installation schedule and night work to prevent any down time for the attraction. Also size and weight of fixtures and components were crucial due to mounting restrictions, for which custom made brackets were produced.”

W-DMX by Wireless Solution Sweden AB has become the world standard for wireless DMX, winning awards on both sides of the Atlantic. W-DMX “outshone the rest” in an independent test (Lighting & Sound International). Specified with perfect results in high-profile lighting projects everywhere, W-DMX has been used for lighting the Pyramids of Giza; Céline Dion's Taking Chances Tour; Times Square in New York City; the 2008 Nobel Prize Banquet; the world's largest Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer; and many more.

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