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W-DMX™ Lights Caixa Econômica Federal Bank for Christmas in Brazil

W-DMX™ Lights Caixa Econômica Federal Bank for Christmas in Brazil

caixa1.jpgW-DMX™ from Wireless Solution Sweden AB made Christmas a colourful event for the Caixa Econômica Federal Bank in Brazil during a special installation running Dec 10, 2010 through Jan 10, 2011.

The challenge: to send a reliable DMX signal to three different buildings at a distance of more than 300 metres. The solution: 2 W-DMX BlackBox S-1 transmitters, 1 BlackBox R-512 receiver and 1 BlackBox Micro. The lighting installation included 24 Martin MAC 2000 Beam XB, 8 PR Lighting XL 700 Spot, 32 PR Lighting Design 150, 3200 Micro Strobes, 64 Canais DMX dimmers, 24 Martin 3000 Atomic Strobes, 24 PAR 64 #1 and 4 Fine Art Outdoor Moving V2033 4K fixtures. The lighting rig was supplied by Veritas from Sao Paulo.

caixa2.jpgLighting Bits, the Wireless Solution distributor for Brazil based in Sao Paulo, supplied all W-DMX equipment. Daniel Ridano of Lighting Bits said, “The very nice surprise of this reliable equipment was that we did not need to use a lot of receivers and transmitters. Everything is so simple and it works!!”

Project Manager Gastão from Veritas added, “Wireless Solution was chosen due to the need to get one signal to three buildings and to get the same integral result running via MIDI. The main purpose was reached and the W-DMX system worked perfectly.”

caixa3.jpgWireless Solution Sweden is the world's leading manufacturer of Wireless lighting control equipment, with over 55,000 units sold worldwide and over 35 OEM partners. Hailed for its reliability and ease of use, Wireless Solution's W-DMX range of products is the consistent choice for top professionals in the lighting industry and specified with perfect results in high-profile events and installations around the world. W-DMX has been used for lighting major events including the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver; the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Headquarters in Kuwait; Andrea Bocelli live at the Colosseum; Times Square in New York City; the Nobel Prize Banquet; the Berlin Wall 20-year Anniversary; Eurovision Song Contest 2010; and many more.

For more information about W-DMX, visit

Photos courtesy of Veritas, Sao Paulo.

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