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W-DMX™ Lights the 2010 Asian Games

W-DMX™ Lights the 2010 Asian Games

asian-game-3.jpgWireless Solution Sweden AB helped celebrate the 16th Asian Games, which took place in Guangzhou, China, November 12-27. The lavish, multi-media Grand Opening, complete with a fireworks spectacle, was held outside Guangzhou's main stadium for the first time at Haixinsha Island on the Pearl River and drew more than a reported three million spectators in attendance.

The Asian Games, held every four years, are the second largest sports event in the world after the Summer Olympic Games. Guangzhou is the second Chinese city to host an Asian Games following Beijing in 1990. A record number of nearly 14,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions participated in 476 gold medal events in 42 sports.

The organizer and director of the opening ceremony, Chen Weiya explained that the Opening ceremony was designed to include a conventional light show, a state-of-the-art pyrotechnics display, plus a show that Chen described as a “knock your socks off” presentation including a “lightning show” which was described as much like an electrical storm.

asian-game-5.jpgW-DMXâ„¢ is OEM installed inside of the 80 Terbly 1500 Beam automated fixtures supplied by Golden Sea that were used to light up the stadium for both the Opening and Closing ceremonies of both the Asian Games and Asian Para Games. Terbly fixtures, one of Wireless Solution's leading OEM manufacturers in China were used to bring what was described as ‘choreographed lighting' into these ceremonies by the world's leading lighting and set designers, performing perfectly in front of visitors, dignitaries and athletes from all over the world. Terbly is one of the nominated key suppliers for the 2010 Asian Games — which follows on the back of the Shanghai World Expo, where they also had a major presence.

“This was a big honor for us to be involved with such a prestigious sporting event in China,” says Wireless Solution CEO Niclas Arvidsson, “The ceremonies won enormous praise from worldwide press and the equipment ran without fault. What more could we ask for?”

Wireless Solution Sweden is the world's leading manufacturer of Wireless lighting control equipment, with over 55,000 units sold worldwide and over 35 OEM partners. Hailed for its reliability and ease of use, Wireless Solution's W-DMX range of products is the consistent choice for top professionals in the lighting industry and specified with perfect results in high-profile events and installations around the world. W-DMX has been used for lighting major events including the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver; the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Headquarters in Kuwait; Andrea Bocelli live at the Colosseum; Times Square in New York City; the Nobel Prize Banquet; the Berlin Wall 20-year Anniversary; Eurovision Song Contest 2010; and many more.

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