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W-DMX™ Brings Generation 4 to Prolight + Sound

W-DMX™ Brings Generation 4 to Prolight + Sound

w-dmx_blackbox_f-2_g4sm.jpgWireless Solution Sweden AB will be demonstrating the new W-DMXâ„¢ G4 line, which is now shipping, during Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany, April 6-9 in Hall 11.0, Stand C81.

Unlike any cable, the new G4 is able to repair corrupted data and vouches for maximum security by running on dual band and creating a backup duplicate of the signal. This new standard is transparent and works with several protocols, creating extreme flexibility and reliability without the need for additional controllers or software.

The new G4 product line includes Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology that scans the spectrum automatically to avoid interference from Wi-fi, Intercom and other radio products, W-DMX invisi-wire and data-safe technologies for unparalleled fidelity, and support for RDM (Remote Device Management) so W-DMX units and lighting fixtures connected through W-DMX can be configured remotely with no fuss or cables. W-DMX G4 supports the 5.8GHz band as standard, ensuring that even if the 2.4GHz band becomes too crowded with other users, your lighting control remains rock solid. The W-DMX G4 range of products also has the highest output power available today, with up to 800mW on 2.45GHz and 1000mW on 5.8GHz.

Key Features in G4


- Flexible - the F-1 is configurable as a single universe transmitter or single universe receiver; the F-2 is configurable as a dual universe transmitter or a dual universe receiver, and optionally as a single universe repeater.

- Reliable - Built in automatically switching dual-band support (2.4GHz & 5.8GHz).

- RDM support - passes messages and responses from controller to any fixtures connected through the wireless system.

- Ethernet and DMX/RDM protocols in/out (i.e. Artnet in & Artnet out, s/ACN in & DMX out, sACN in & Artnet out), all over wireless (with optional ethernet module in BlackBox).

- Compatible with BlueBox RDM controller (discover RDM fixtures, change their address and other settings and output DMX data, as well as set-up and monitor W-DMX devices).

- Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology - prevents the system from transmitting on radio channels already in use by other radios).

- WhiteBox outdoor model is IP65 rated; perfect for temporary outdoor installation and the only product on the market with direct access to the display – all competing products require removal of the lid


- RDM support (Micro F-1) - Transmitter responds to RDM requests, to allow configuration.

- Compatible with BlueBox RDM controller (set-up and monitoring of the transmitter only).

- Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology - prevents the system from transmitting on radio channels already in use by other radios).

Wireless Solution has increased production in April 2011 by 3000 units per month to provide better service and faster delivery to clients. And to further client dedication, as a leading manufacturer of wireless DMX, Wireless Solution has Patent Pending technology to help avoid “copycat” products of inferior quality.

While RDM may not be available in all countries without a license (which applies to all manufacturers) Wireless Solution last month signed an agreement to now offer Wireless RDM for sales in the United States, making them the first company outside of the US to do so. W-DMXâ„¢ G4 is covered by U.S. Patent #7,432,803, which covers Wireless Solution and its distributors as well as W-DMX OEM Clients.

Be sure to visit Wireless Solution during Prolight + Sound and see what the future of wireless DMX technology is delivering – today.

Wireless Solution Sweden is the world's leading manufacturer of Wireless lighting control equipment, with over 60,000 units sold worldwide and over 35 OEM partners. Hailed for its reliability and ease of use, Wireless Solution's W-DMX range of products is the consistent choice for top professionals in the lighting industry and specified with perfect results in high-profile events and installations around the world. W-DMX is also hailed as the best wireless OEM solution. W-DMX has been used for lighting major events including the Youth Olympics in Singapore; Season of Light in Helsinki; 2010 Olympics in Vancouver; Times Square in New York City; the Nobel Prize Banquet; the Berlin Wall 20-year Anniversary; Eurovision Song Contest 2010; and many more.

For more information about W-DMX, visit

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