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Vivien2010 Wins BIG at Confex

Vivien2010 Wins BIG at Confex

confex_award.jpgCAST Software of Toronto, Canada, proud makers of wysiwyg, won Best Exhibition and Conference Service for Vivien2010 at Confex on Wednesday, February 24 at Earls Court in London. The award, accepted by Bruce Freeman, Chairman of CAST Software, was presented for the most significant innovation in a product or service that will impact the industry.

International Confex is the UK's leading trade show for event organizers, bringing together the top industry professionals who organize any kind of special event with event support services and venues both in the UK and across the world.

This was the first year for Vivien to appear at Confex and the response was overwhelming. The all-new Vivien2010 was innovated from wysiwyg, the software of choice of designers in the entertainment industry for 15 years for movie/stage/TV and special event productions, including the Harry Potter series, Spiderman, Disney, Cirque du Soleil, U2 360° Tour, Nobel Prize Banquet, and the Vancouver Olympics. Vivien2010 is the most affordable special event planning/design, 3D previsualization software tool designed by/for the full spectrum of professionals in the meetings and special events industry. Vivien's accurate 3D images mean that event planners, designers, venue sales teams, caterers, furniture rental specialists and everyone else in the chain can go way beyond the typical 2D plans. Using Vivien's tools and wizards, they can make their creative ideas come to life in colourful 3D Virtual Views which impress clients by creating a customized, virtual model to meet customers' specifications, turn around RFPs quickly and inexpensively, incorporate eye-popping visuals and close sales at higher margins. What's more, all this information can be sent electronically or via webcast.

“We just keep hearing that Vivien2010 is an absolute must for event planners and obviously a super sales tool,” said Freeman, “I have been approached non stop with the positive response to Vivien. I've been told how first-time users not only secured a significant project as a result of their first use, but how Vivien actually got them additional work from the same client – all within a week! I was told of a London venue that used Vivien's previsualizations (of their unfinished space) to presell the new venue! And one particular London event industry guru said to me an hour before the awards: ‘I've seen nothing that is so fast, so flexible, and so powerful!' It reinforces our belief that Vivien2010 is something that can change the way organizers work today. We're extremely pleased.”

As with all CAST Software products, the developments and innovations for Vivien are ongoing, with new releases and Library updates always on the horizon and free to current Members. CAST will be releasing a huge addition to the Vivien Library in early Summer 2010, including new backdrops, linen, drapes, and furniture – adding 1000s of new objects that can be used in the planning and designing process.

To learn more or to obtain Vivien2010, email [email protected], call 1.877.989.2278, or visit

CAST Software, 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 3P2. Tel: +1.416.597.2278. Fax: +1.416.597.9594.

Photo L to R: Igor Silva, Product Specialist; Bruce Freeman, Chairman; and Josh Koffman, Product Specialist show off the award at Confex. Courtesy of Confex.

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