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VIVID Lighting Solutions Chooses Reflection LEDko

(Wellington, Fla.)---Reflection LEDko by Coemar, the first LED profile delivering both Soft and Hard Edge profile optics, is the newest product to be added to the inventory at VIVID Lighting Solutions, a company that provides environmentally-friendly lighting products and solutions to Vancouver's large corporate and event market. VIVID Lighting Solutions uses Reflection LEDko lighting in the design of feature events that range from full-stage concerts and intimate corporate galas to architectural and private rentals.

VIVID Lighting Solutions provides solely LED-based lighting products to create custom-tailored lighting designs that create visually stunning effects. Because VIVID Lighting Solutions works in the events industry, installations are almost always temporary. Since fixtures are being installed and taken down frequently, lighting options like Reflection LEDko and other LED lighting products that can handle being on the road and set up quickly and efficiently multiple times are a must.

“Our clients often seek out eco-friendly options, which is why we house an exclusive inventory of LED products,” said Philip Guhl, owner and lighting designer of VIVID Lighting Solutions. “Adding Coemar's Reflection LEDko to our product offerings was a no brainer—the low heat makes it favorable in any environment and our clients love the low cost of printed custom images on overhead transparencies. Fitted with traditional ETC accessories, this is a fixture that VIVID Lighting Solutions will continue to promote for years.”

Reflection LEDko is a revolutionary new LED fixture and the first LED profile capable of projecting a soft-edged profile light with no reduction in light intensity due to additional filters. It is also the first LED profile that can be used in the same way as traditional profiles and can obtain any color, tone, shade and white light.

“We had already used Reflection LEDkos many times in the past with printed gobos of company logos and have had very satisfying results,” Guhl said. “We made Reflection LEDkos a permanent part of our inventory because we are always the first company in our region to carry the latest types of LED lighting, and we take pride in offering our clients the latest in technology and the best products for their needs.”

Applying the Reflection LED technology as a retrofit makes it possible to reduce energy consumption from 500-650 Watts to 150 Watts. The LED lamps last up to 50,000 hours without loss of brightness, thus eliminating maintenance costs associated with traditional profiles.

“We're proud to supply VIVID Lighting Solutions with Reflection LEDko lighting solutions,” said Grif Palmer, vice president of sales for LED Source, the exclusive Coemar distributor in North America. “Reflection LEDko is both portable and environmentally-friendly, making it the perfect lighting product to suit VIVID Lighting Solution's needs.”

Because LEDs do not emit heat, Reflection LEDko is capable of utilizing images or gobos created with any standard printer and a transparency sheet. This technology allows you to project any image such as a corporate logo quickly and without cost, while also eliminating the entire gobo buying process, which was previously dependant on glass or metal patterns.

Reflection LEDko is one fixture that can virtually eliminate or significantly reduce all costs related to lamps, dimmers, scrollers, gel filters, heat, cabling, electricity and manpower. All LEDko series fixtures feature electronic 16-bit dimming, flicker-free operation with DMX controllable LED frequency from 500 to 5000 Hz and a bi-directional DMX512.


About LED Source®:

Founded in August 2005 by Marcel Fairbairn, LED Source® is a national and international supplier of LED lighting that specializes in full-scale evaluations and retrofits through its Retrofit Division, in addition to providing consultation all the way through to supply on new projects within their Architectural and Entertainment Divisions. Additionally, the company launched a franchise program in October 2009 and expects to have a network of 150 franchise offices throughout North America within three years. For more information, please visit or the company's blog at

About VIVID Lighting Solutions:

VIVID Lighting Solutions merges comprehensive design services and cutting edge lighting technologies in Vancouver's large event market. VIVID Lighting Solutions provides ‘state-of-the art' LED lighting technologies, pre-lit sets and set components, including full-service lighting design and consultation to the corporate, special event, music, TV and film industries. With the use of extensive LED rental inventory and innovative pre-lit scenic elements, VIVID Lighting Solutions provides dynamic and original solutions to meet a wide range of lighting needs across a variety of industries.

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