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Virtual "Platee" Set - Interactive Panorama

Virtual "Platee" Set - Interactive Panorama

Just a quick update about how Platee is going. Tuesday is when we have our weekly scheduled production meeting. We meet for about an hour to update other departments on our progress and to set up meetings for the next week. Today was fairly productive. We covered a lot of ground and are really preparing for the final push, as the show opens in less than a month. I also got the approval stamp on my final plot for the show from Don in class on Monday. What normally happens for each production is that we have a preliminary plot due a week before our final plot is due. This time is used to discuss concepts and concerns with the ALD and ME on the show, and get some input from Don. The next week is then spent furiously making minor alterations to the plot to be presented the next week. I think my plot is in pretty good shape. I have a lot of very specific ideas that are very solid and idea based for each Act. The only minor concern I have is insuring there is enough systems to light the show as a whole. The giant red box kites that are hanging in the air have put limitations on many of the standard hang positions. I am confident that this problem will be resolved as we start to see rehearsals on stage, and I can add in the last remaining lights I will probably need.

Now for a little treat. If you click the image below it should download a quicktime video that lets you interact with the set. You will be placed in the audience and have the ability to take in a 360 degree panorama of the set and zoom in and out.

Use your mouse to navigate left and right and shift and control will allow you to zoom.


Platee Virtual Panorama

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