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Videos and water: grandMA attended Singapore's National Day 2008

Videos and water: grandMA attended Singapore's National Day 2008

SingaporeSingapore National Day is always an important cultural event for the people of Singapore. Held annually on August 9th, this year was same impressive as others. What is unique about this event was the location. Over 5,000 performers formed a mass tableau on a floating platform that was 120m wide by 83m deep, a grandstand holding over 30,000 spectators sits by it's side. Between the grandstand and the floating platform was one of the straightaway's for the inaugural 2008 Singapore F1. Lighting design was created again this second year by Paul Collison who controlled the show via 2 x grandMA full-size, 2 x grandMA ultra-light and 16 x MA NSPs.

This year saw the introduction of grandMA video as a major part of the scenic landscape. 1,800 square metres of custom made LED netting framed the back of the stage. Four grandMA media servers controlled the screen. “The influence this had on the view was amazing,” said Collison, “I've always liked playing with video and lighting however I've never had the chance to work with it on such a massive screen and have total creative freedom to entwine it into the scenic landscape. Playing between the lighting fixtures and the screens is a lot of fun. On such a big scale as this, you need to be careful to not take over the whole stage.”

One session handled almost 16,000 parameters. The lighting rig included hundreds of Vari*Lite, DTS and Martin moving lights as the backbone of the lighting system with over one kilometre of Multi Mode Optic fibre connecting four data distribution points on the platform.

Lighting Production was done by Showtec Group Singapore. Addam Crawford was lighting project manager, Stuart Anderson lighting design assistant.

A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive North American distributor for the grandMA. A.C.T Lighting can be reached at 818-707-0884 or

Further information: , Tel.: +49 5251 688865-10

Company Profile

MA Lighting International, based in Paderborn, Germany, is the dedicated sales, support and service entity for the renowned grandMA control systems, digital dimming systems, networking tools and media servers of MA Lighting Technology, based near Wuerzburg (GER). The product range offers cutting-edge solutions for control and dimming and contains the award-winning grandMA consoles, the renowned Light- & Scancommander, but also the reliable digital dimmer racks and packs. With its media server grandMA video MA bridges the lighting and video worlds and integrates media servers like a fixture into lighting control.

Today, MA Lighting is well known for its technical know-how and has achieved a unique international reputation for its operational philosophy. The company looks back with 25 years experience. MA Lighting strictly follows a professional user-centric approach and is getting as close as possible to the market via its own international offices as well as competence and support centres in the UK, North America, Latin America, the Middle East/India and Asia – supported by an world-wide distribution and service network.

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