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Vancouver 2010: Northern Lights

Vancouver 2010: Northern Lights

The skies over Robson Square in the heart of Vancouver will light up every evening from February 12-28 with Ignite the Dream, a nighttime spectacular which previews on February 10 and runs at 9:30pm and 11pm. With a sophisticated rig of automated luminaires, LEDs pyrotechnics, lasers, projected images, and performers on zip lines high above the ground, Ignite The Dream is produced by Partrick Roberge Productions, with lighting design by Electric Aura Projects, and lighting gear supplied by Christie Lites and Epic Production Technologies.

[caption id="attachment_224" align="aligncenter" width="288" caption="Ignite The Dream, rehearsal photo"]Ignite The Dream, rehearsal photo[/caption]

"Ignite the Dream was created as a signature show of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games to capture the imagination of the thousands of spectators and to celebrate the end of each day of Olympic competition," explains LD for the show, Robert Sondergaard. "Patrick Roberge's vision was that this show had to be "one of the top 10 things to see during the Olympics." The lighting, as well as the pyrotechnics, flame effects, lasers and projection, were designed to blend together seamlessly to create a dazzling 360-degree experience that would showcase everything that makes British Columbia special.

[caption id="attachment_222" align="aligncenter" width="432" caption="Robson Square Site Plan"]Robson Square Site Plan[/caption]

"The initial design for the site was largely driven by where we could position towers to house the technical infrastructure," Sondergaard explains. "Even though the site is almost two square city blocks, there are so many tents/parks/gardens we started to get tight for space for the public. Once we had the our technical space carved out, we needed to find fixtures that would give us a large impact within a small footprint."

For Sondergaard, Syncrolites became an obvious choice for getting height that would attract attention from around the whole city. "We also used numerous LED fixtures which allowed us to get a large number of fixtures that wouldn't add significantly to our power draw (the site is drawing almost 3600A 3p)," he adds. "The LEDs are perfect for giving us an broad range of color choices that can do snap changes and strobe." In addition, two sets of Wireless Solution W-DMX transceivers were used to hook up the Syncrolites on the roof tops.


Producer & Director for PRP: Patrick Roberge

Choreographer for PRP: Jocelyn Peden

Director of Production for PRP: Nik von Schulmann

Technical Director for PRP: Marcia Chapman

Lighting Designer & Programmer for Electric Aura: Robert Sondergaard

Production Electrician for Electric Aura: Jason Bolger

Lighting Crew Chief for Christie Lites: Paul Moss

Lighting Crew Chief for Christie Lites: Darren Knorr

Syncrolite Tech: Joshua Henderson

Syncrolite Tech: Bobby Slayton

Lighting Crew Chief for Epic: Keith Woods

Additional Designers:

Video: Sean Nieuwenhuis (Sensory Overload)

Laser: Marcus Schmieder (Galactic Laser)

Pyro/Flames: Peter Gebraad (Pro FX)

Audio: Mark Fisher (Pro Show)

Lighting Gear list specific to Ignite the Dream:

2 MA Lighitng grandMA Lite

2 MA Lighitng grandMA Ultra Lite (remote programming consoles)

Wireless Solution W-DMX

8 Syncrolite MX4

24 Syncrolite SXB 5K

10 Syncrolite SXB 7K

18 Philips Vari-Lite 2500 Spot

20 Martin Mac 700 Spot

295 Philips Color Blast 12

246 X-Focus Blast

170 X-Focus Par

20 Martin Stage Bar 54

50 Coemar LED Par

64 Alkalite 1m Octostrip

18 Philips 72" Color Blaze

96 Philips Color Blast 12 Powercore

44 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe

8 Martin ZR33 Fogger

2 RGB Laser 25w

2 YAG Green Laswer 5w

10 Isopar Flame Units

2 Large Scale Flame Pots

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