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USITT morning of Day 2

So, here I am at USITT. I've been too busy talking to people to post! It's been a great conference so far. It's been awesome meeting new people and getting back in touch with people I haven't seen in years. It was really a really fun process getting here and I'm glad I had someone as cool as Brad to share it with.

Brad's session was awesome, "The Art of Sound for Dance" was great. Thanks for an awesome dinner group Sound Commission! Yay for Jack Stack Barbeque! I hope you all enjoyed it.

I've been torn between local friends and conference friends. I spent time with my UMKC folks (holla!) last night at P'otts. WING NIGHT!

Today is more conference fun. I had an interesting morning at my regional meeting. PLEASE get involved in your region! Don't have big plans for the afternoon...About to head to the expo floor and check out new toys and see all the great design expo stuff!

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