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US First Look: A Day With MA, New GrandMA2 Launched

US First Look: A Day With MA, New GrandMA2 Launched


grandMA2 full-size with faderwing

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend the day with MA Lighting and the manufacturers' distributors in Würzburg, where we previewed the new grandMA2 series of consoles and were treated to a tour of the factory, courtesy of Michael Adenau (the MA himself) and his development team.

Not only is MA launching the new grandMA2 today for the first time, but three new consoles are being introduced, full size, light, and ultra-light versions.

Distributors from over 30 countries--including Bob Gordon and Joe Cabrera from A.C.T Lighting in the US--had a chance to get the first look at the new products, as well as new versions of grandMA 3D and video with new features just for grandMA2 but compatible with the original.


Vince Haddad and Andrew Winslade of Australia's Show Technology flank designer Paul Collison.

Michael Althaus and Rene Berhorst presented the new products, noting that the original grandMA is not going away any time soon. In fact, grandMA2 even has a "series 1" mode and uses the same command line. Other highlights include more DMX outputs, four times the parameters, an additional screen (three on the full sized version), programming control via an intuitive tree structure, and the elimination of a hard disk (only flash memory now). All functions of the consoles are accessible via the command line.

In addition to MA's worldwide network, lighting designer Paul Collison from Australia (you'll be hearing a lot more from him later in the year for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics) had a chance to check out the new products in advance of today's show, as well. Collison is a grandMA user already: "I'm amazed with how far along they are with the new product," Collison says. "They've taken it to a whole new level."

We discussed particular features of the new consoles. "The layout is really ergonomic, especially on the new light version," Collison continues. "That one is particularly looking like a really nice, compact console." And when it comes to the new version of grandMA 3D, he adds, "I want that right now. It's responsive and crystal clear. I haven't seen any program before that can render that quality in realtime."

Thanks for a great day to MA Lighting and Lightpower's Ralph-Jörg Wezorke, and thanks for an enjoyable bus ride and meal to Paul Collison, Joe Cabrera, Bob Gordon, Andrew Winslade and Vince Haddad of Australia's Show Technology, Jerome Brehard and David Lecomte of Axente in France, and Silvio Cibien (merci bien) of ELC in Switzerland.


grandMA2 ultra light with faderwing


grandMA2 light with faderwing

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