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Upgraded & Un-Wired!  Elation Launches Pro-Ready Design Spot 300E PRO 300W Moving Head With New Wireless DMX Receiver

Upgraded & Un-Wired! Elation Launches Pro-Ready Design Spot 300E PRO 300W Moving Head With New Wireless DMX Receiver

design-spot-300e.jpg LOS ANGELES – Elation Professional set a new standard for brightness in a small package with its popular Design Spot 300E intelligent CMY color-mixing moving head. Now this compact, high-output 300-watt fixture is available in an upgraded version, the Design Spot 300E PRO, with exciting new professional features, including wireless DMX.

Like its successful sister, the Design Spot 300E PRO is equipped with a Philips Fast Fit MSR 300 lamp and an advanced high luminous optical system, which combine to give it the brilliant output of a much larger fixture, making it ideal for use in smaller spaces where extreme brightness is needed. And like the original, the new upgraded model is loaded with eye-popping gobos and effects.

But the Design Spot 300E PRO takes its big-stage performance a step further, offering a couple of the hottest features in demand by lighting pros today. One of these is a built-in wireless DMX receiver. The unit can receive DMX signals wirelessly from up to 3,000 feet that are sent via Elation's EWDMXT wireless DMX transmitter (sold separately) or other wireless DMX transmitters made by Wireless Solution Sweden AB.

With this wireless control capability, the Design Spot 300E PRO offers operators the freedom and flexibility to work in areas where it's not possible or practical to run DMX cable. “Wireless DMX gives you the convenience of being able to avoid long data cable runs and easily add fixtures to your rig without having to run new data lines,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “It's one of the biggest features on our customers' wish lists, which is why we added it to the upgraded version of the Design Spot 300E. Now with wireless control, this compact 300-watter is even more ideal for use in areas with tight spatial requirements.”

Operators can be assured that the Design Spot 300E PRO's wireless system will perform reliably, added Loader, because it was developed by an industry pioneer with a 20-year proven track record in wireless DMX technology, Wireless Solution of Sweden. The system utilizes advanced Adaptive Frequency Hopping Technology, which changes frequencies up to 1000 times per second to stay on open channels, ensuring that the signal always remains clear and uninterrupted.

Along with wireless DMX, another new feature on the Design Spot 300E PRO is a 16°-38° Linear Zoom. A Zoom feature, not readily found on most smaller fixtures, is also very much in demand by professional stage, lighting and production designers, because it allows them to have precise control over the size of a gobo or spot. “The whole idea of the Design Spot 300E PRO is to offer all the features that professional designers want in a smaller, very affordable unit,” said Loader.

Among the Design Spot 300E PRO's other pro features, typically found only on larger units: a CMY color-mixing system; a narrow-to-wide beam Iris (5%-100%); and a Frost Filter that softens the hard edges of the spot, allowing the fixture to do double-duty as a wash-spot hybrid effect. The Design Spot 300E PRO offers up plenty in the way of gobos and effects too: 2 gobo wheels (14 total gobos – 11 metal, 3 glass; 7 rotating, 7 static); gobo morphing; and an effects wheel with a 3-facet rotating/indexing prism plus a 3D glass infinity prism. Also included are 10 dichroic filters (7 color, UV, CTO, CTB, plus white), continuous variable speed color scrolling in both directions, a Shutter with variable strobe effect, and a Dual Flag mechanical dimming system.

Designed for ease of operation, the Design Spot 300E PRO features Remote DMX Addressing and a large 32-character LCD menu display. Other features include Pan-Tilt Lock and a lightweight electronic ballast.

An ETL-listed fixture, the Design Spot 300E PRO utilizes Fast Fit lamp technology, which provides easy access to the lamp. The lamp's ease of installation and secure fit allowed Elation's designers to use a smaller fixture case, another reason why the unit emits such a powerful output for its compact size.

The MSRP of the Design Spot 300E PRO is $4,799.95.

For more information, call Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

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