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Updated Audio Visual app "AV Buddy" V3.

Updated Audio Visual app "AV Buddy" V3.

AV Buddy V3

AV Buddy has just been updated and now V3 is available to download.

"AV Buddy" Audio visual app has just been updated and now includes 25 test images including 4x4 checker, colourbars, greyscale, AV Buddy test screen and more. Memory management has been updated for a more stable application and now AV Buddy includes Left, Right and Centre audio tests. AV Buddy is broken up into 4 sections. Video, Audio, Control and AV Tools. Each section includes detailed diagrams, pinouts and descriptions. There is also a calculation section which includes a projector throw calculator with over 1000 projectors, tools for display mounting, impedance calculators, PAG/NAG calc, Resistor calc, Heat load and more. AV Buddy is available from the Apple app store.

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