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Unforgettable! DJ Eric Rottler's Fiery Wedding Gig Wins American DJ's “Most Memorable Gig Video Contest”

Unforgettable! DJ Eric Rottler's Fiery Wedding Gig Wins American DJ's “Most Memorable Gig Video Contest”

adj-memorable-gig.jpgLOS ANGELES – Most professional DJs have at least one gig that stands out in their minds from the hundreds that they have done throughout their careers, and the reasons are as varied as the events. For Eric Rottler of Professional DJ Solutions in Lafayette, Indiana, the first wedding he DJ-ed was so unforgettable it was the winning entry in American DJ's “Most Memorable Gig Video Contest.”

From the bride's hair catching fire to a fight breaking out on the dance floor – not to mention a mild wardrobe malfunction along the way – it seemed everything that could go wrong with Rottler's first wedding gig did. However, the silver lining to his tale of woe is two-fold – this comedy of errors didn't deter him from pursuing his DJing dream, and it resulted in Rottler winning the grand prize in ADJ's contest!

His troublesome gig won Rottler an assortment of ADJ products with a value of nearly $1,600, including one American Audio VMS2, a MIDI controller that offers more features, performance and value than any other product in its class; one American DJ Fusion FX Bar 5 that has three spectacular effects in one unit, including ADJ's incredible “Galaxian” effect; and one American DJ Royal 3D, which creates amazing green and violet blue laser effects on ceilings and walls. Rottler's prize also includes Arriba cases specially designed for all three fixtures.

“We tend to have a ‘been there, done that' mentality when it comes to stories of past gigs, but what made Eric's so unforgettable is that it was his first wedding and it seemed that once things started to go wrong, they just continued,” said Alfred Gonzales, the National Sales Manager for American DJ. “We loved the story and the way he presented it on his video. Congratulations Eric!”

To see Rottler's winning video click here -

For more information, contact American DJ at 1-800-322-6337 or visit the website at; contact American Audio at 323-582-2650 or visit the website at

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