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U-S-A...U-S-A!!! (not so much)

U-S-A...U-S-A!!! (not so much)

Here's the audience last night during semi-finals.

So, we all know this is a European competition, right (that's aside from some Eurasian countries represented, of course)? No North Americans in the contest here, but that didn't stop the two resident Americans (production assistant Joan Lyman and yours truly) from acquiring an American flag and waving it proudly during the semi-finals last night. Everyone has a flag here, so we thought we should represent, yo. It's been reported for over a year that our own "USandA" will be taking up this breed of competition at home, but final plans have yet to be announced.

Here's production assistant Joan Lyman (aka, "The Other American") representing the home land.

Of course, our display of the stars and stripes did prompt a member of security to ask, "You know this is EUROvision, right?" Off to do some more international diplomacy...

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