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Tyler Truss Systems, Inc., Introduces Stackmaster12™

Indianapolis, Indiana - 2.1.13

The latest truss concept to make it’s way out of the Tyler Truss Systems’ Pendleton, Indiana fabrication facility is already a hit. Stackmaster12, the first in a line of Stackmaster box truss products, has already hit the ground running on the 2013 auto show circuit.

Designed on a 12” x 12” box truss platform, the Stackmaster takes an industry workhorse to a new level. Stacking locators on each end of the truss create a secure framework that prevents truss from easily sliding off of a stack. Steel spigot connectors and exceptionally strong aluminum diagonal webbing make the Stackmaster design highly rigid and durable. The AV truss webbing style allows for more flexible fixture placement arrangement.

“We have already filled orders for hundreds of pieces of the Stackmaster12 public beta design. With the response we have had from a teaser post on our Facebook page we are already anticipating a large amount of interest,” explains Jason Tello, sales manager for Tyler Truss.

Pieces are currently available in 10’, 8’, and 5’ lengths, with custom sizes available upon request. Stackmaster20, a 20.5” x 20.5” improvement, as well as a circle truss Stackmaster line will follow the Stackmaster12 in the near future.


Tyler Truss Systems


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