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Trailer Park's Advanced Content Group Partners with WirelessWERX to Provide Unique, Location-Based Mobile App Capabilities

Trailer Park's Advanced Content Group Partners with WirelessWERX to Provide Unique, Location-Based Mobile App Capabilities


Hollywood, CA, July 16, 2010 –Trailer Park's Advanced Content Group (TPAC), a leader in the development of mobile applications for all areas of the entertainment industry, is expanding its scope of projects into the world of location based entertainment. To penetrate this market, TPAC has teamed up with WirelessWERX, a major So. Cal technology company that provides a “New Way to Connect,” that is vital to the increasing expectations of the connected consumer.

By adding precision deliver of indoor location, the WirelessWERX platform transforms mobile marketing from regional to localized, from generic to personalized, targeting not just” Where you are, but Who you are.” WirelessWERX turns locations into destinations.

Rick Eiserman, Trailer Park's CEO, said, “This partnership assures that our content and touch experiences will get to consumers in meaningful ways, and in a myriad of new places. Location based entertainment is a burgeoning market for the ‘connected consumer.' By teaming up with WirelessWERX, we can offer a compelling product that creates a new experience, and keeps brands connected to their customers in localized and personalized ways. Our heritage in entertainment marketing makes our offering cohesive, as we can uniquely provide the technology solution, as well as the content, for attendees of popular location based entertainment venues.”

Curt Doty, Executive Vice President of TPAC, said, ”This is the perfect technology solution to round out our offering of Content-to-Goâ„¢. Instead of just receiving content while you watch a Blu-ray title, you can now also be out in the burgeoning world of location based entertainment. When consumers walk into a venue, store, hotel, museum, resort, aquarium, theme park, or expo, they want that experience to be easy, elegant and instant. ‘Connected Consumers' are also multi-taskers, who want a new connection to brands during their site experience. Our new venture with WirelessWERX offers a new platlform that accomplishes all of this, and empowers consumers like never before. They can now instantly get unique, custom-tailored access to exclusive content, and other offers, on any Smartphone, in a most dynamic way.”

Bill McGraw, Director, Sales, North America, for WirelessWERX, said,

“The TPAC relationship adds significant value to the unique technology we have brought to market. By developing applications that leverage our platform, TPAC gives life to our solution and validates the need to personalize the interaction with customers. Most Consumer Applications in Mobile are a one-way experience. Using our solution and their creative talent, TPAC transforms the experience into a two-way relationship that is highly localized and personalized.”

ABOUT WirelessWERX, Inc:

Established in 1998, and headquartered in Anaheim, Calif. WirelessWERX develops Location Based Services Platforms that deliver end-to-end, non-invasive, location based solutions for mobile marketing and public safety. WirelessWERX is a privately held venture funded company.

WirelessWERX's core technology is its SiteWERX platform, a location information services platform that delivers the most precise in-building location data available on the market today. SiteWERX enabled environments enable exact building, floor, and room location information in the most difficult environments, such as indoors and multi-story buildings, dense urban areas and even underground, thereby extending the reach of traditional location information technologies. For more information, visit


Trailer Park's Advanced Content Group provides to its clients enhanced content spanning many platforms, including iTV, 3D on Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, mobile apps, and iTunes Extras. TPAC regularly integrates the latest cutting-edge technology to enhance content for its clients' projects.


Based in Hollywood, California, Trailer Park is the industry's leading entertainment marketing agency, with clients working across the full media spectrum, including major studio and indie film releases, broadcast and network television networks, channels and programs, home entertainment media, including DVD releases and video games, Broadway and live theatre

presentations, sports projects, music, and original content for the Web. Trailer Park, a collection of creative boutiques, specializes in the conception, design, production and implementation of audio/visual, print and web promotional campaigns for every segment of the entertainment industry.

Among Trailer Park's clients are Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Universal, Columbia Pictures, ABC, Activision, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Disney, Paramount, and Warner Home Video, to name just a few. For more information, please see:


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