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Totally Aurasome E3 Trade Show!

Totally Aurasome E3 Trade Show!

e3-2012_nintendo-booth_1-low.jpg Martin MAC Aura™ here, there, everywhere at world’s leading video game trade show. Lightswitch uses weight and power-saving light as workhorse on Nintendo booth

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the global video game industry’s leading event with a tagline of Innovation Unveiled, which happens to also be an appropriately fitting description of the Martin LED lighting innovation hanging above visitor’s heads.

The world's premier trade show for computer and video games took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 5-7 with upwards of 700 Martin MAC Aura LED wash lights highlighting many of the show’s 200 booths, most prominently that of the world’s largest gaming company, Nintendo, plus those of other big exhibitors such as Microsoft and Sony.

Nintendo booth

Lighting on the Nintendo booth alone featured 240 MAC Auras and 70 MAC 101 wash lights, a combination of compact LED lighting fixtures supplied by Entertainment Lighting Services (ELS) that designers are increasingly turning to.

Lightswitch handled all lighting design aspects of the booth for Ralph Miller Productions, with whom they have been collaborating on Nintendo of America's E3 exhibits for years. The exhibit was designed by Kevin West.

“The Aura was the workhorse of the rig,” says Lightswitch’s Chris Medvitz, lead lighting designer on the project. “We had a lot we needed to light with moving wash lights but had very strict weight limitations. The Aura allowed us to fit the design concept within the physical constraints of the project without compromise.”

Saves truss, labor and drayage

Both the MAC Aura and the MAC 101 are small yet highly capable LED-based lighting fixtures that weigh in at 5.6 kg and 3.7 kg respectively, a compact form that allows for important savings in weight and power.

“On this particular project, the quality of light and the overall fixture weight and power requirements were the Aura’s standout features,” Chris says, referring to the Aura’s low power consumption (1 amp) that allows multiple fixtures to be daisy-chained on the same power line for an easier and less expensive installation.

“The fact that the fixture itself is so compact saves truss, labor and drayage, but also its low power requirements meant we could reduce the amount of cable in the air significantly, which is a major factor when faced with such tight rigging restrictions.”


Lightswitch, LDs Chris Medvitz/ Norm Schwab

Lighting Supply: Entertainment Lighting Services

240 x MAC Aura

70 x MAC 101

Microsoft Xbox

Yeager Design, LD Chris Collins

Lighting Supply: Christie Lites

140 x MAC Aura

Square Enix

Yeager Design, LD Fabian Yeager

82 x MAC Aura

Sony PlayStation

Ozterity Lighting, LD John Osborne

80+ x MAC Aura

Martin Professional

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, Martin Professional is a world leader in the creation of dynamic lighting solutions for the entertainment, architectural, and commercial sectors. Martin also offers a range of advanced lighting controllers and media servers, as well as a complete line of smoke machines as a complement to intelligent lighting. The company operates the industry’s most complete and capable distributor network with local partners in nearly 100 countries. For more information please visit

For more information contact your local Martin distributor or PR Coordinator Larry Beck at Martin Professional at:

Telephone: +45 40 80 57 03

Fax: +45 87 40 00 10



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