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TOMCAT's 18th Annual Truss, Hoist & Rigging Workshops:A huge success!

TOMCAT's 18TH Annual Truss, Hoist & Rigging workshops were a great learning experience for more than 60 students that came from across North America to receive training on truss, chain hoists, rigging, fall protection and automation with our team of world class instructors. The hands on training took place through classes, live practice sessions, as well as after class discussions with the instructors and TOMCAT's staff, including a guided tour of TOMCAT's factory. The participants also enjoyed the West Texas hospitality provided by TOMCAT's staff.

“TOMCAT is honored to have provided training to the professionals that attended the workshops. We hope they had a positive learning experience during all the workshop activities and that they will take this knowledge and put it into practice in their daily activities and to safely working in the entertainment technology environment” stated Stefano Rosellini, General Manager of TOMCAT.

The Truss & Hoist workshops included instruction on automation and control systems led by Kevin Taylor CEO of Stage Technologies. Later on participants received training with Dave Carmack of Columbus McKinnon, who provided hands-on motor instruction including teardown, re-assembly, maintenance and live troubleshooting. This group concluded the training by taking the CM's certification exam.

In the Truss & Rigging workshop, ETCP certified rigger and instructor G. Anthony Phillips of RigRider Rigging Services taught safe rigging practices and principles, while Morgan Neff provided instruction on safe fall protection practices. Participants had the opportunity to put these principles into live practice the last day of their training.

Both training tracts included instruction on truss design, usage and theory with Will Todd, TOMCAT USA's Product Support Manager, and a session on design and safe use of ground supported structures with Keith Bohn, TOMCAT USA's Custom Projects Director.

TOMCAT has been the industry leader in providing training in the truss, hoist and rigging disciplines and our workshops are highly respected among the professionals in the entertainment technology world. TOMCAT's 18th Annual Truss, Hoist & Rigging Workshops is yet another example of the company's commitment to education and training in our exciting industry.

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