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TOMCAT USA, Inc. Continues to Demonstrate Its Spirit of Innovation at LDI 2010

Once again, TOMCAT offered its innovations and solutions to customers worldwide at LDI 2010. First, TOMCAT presented “Safely Building the Beast”, a new 1.5 day workshop as part of LDInstituteâ„¢. This course offering was included as part of the first ever Rigging & Electrical Boot Camp. In addition, the company launched its new products for the Fall 2010: QU Truss Series and Curtain Track Truss. Throughout the show, TOMCAT and Brilliant Stages representatives shared solutions of recent projects. TOMCAT representatives were also on hand to speak at the New Technology Breakfast “Audio, Rigging, and Staging.”

“Safely Building the Beast” workshop

TOMCAT's new workshop “Safely Building the Beast” included instruction from recognized industry experts: Bill Sapsis, President and Founder of Sapsis Rigging Inc., as well as Keith Bohn, Custom Projects Director and Will Todd, Product Support Manager, of TOMCAT USA, Inc. Training over the day and a half seminar covered topics such as truss inspection, design, usage and theory, fall arrest protection, and outdoor structure design. During the ETCP recognized workshop, participants earned 12 ETCP renewal credits.

Day one consisted of a half-day course on fall protection led by Bill Sapsis, as well as a half-day course on truss design, use and theory taught by Will Todd. For the morning of day two, Will Todd and Keith Bohn led a session on ground supported systems and outdoor structures which included an overview of design elements and safety considerations of these structures, using examples of real world scenarios from the TOMCAT portfolio, as well as an opportunity to discuss attendees' own real world challenges.

“This workshop is part of TOMCAT University's ongoing training and we will continue teaching about topics like structures and its applications with the support of industry experts, especially in the systems that may involve life safety issues” stated Will Todd. “Technicians that work on a daily basis with truss systems and outdoor structures need to have the most up to date information about scenarios involving wind forces, dynamic impact factors, and indeterminate structures” added TOMCAT's Product Support Manager.

TOMCAT's new QU Truss Series

Along with its participation in the LDInstituteâ„¢ TOMCAT displayed new products at its booth: QU Truss Series, as well as its new Curtain Track Truss. The QU Truss Series products stand out for its simple tool free connection, fast assembly and disassembly, and multiple configurations. The products were designed for specific applications including exhibits, audiovisual equipment support, ballroom/conference environments and soft goods support.

The QU Truss Series includes 2 news products: The QU-212 Batten Ladder has a 20 ft span UDL capacity of 1000 lbs., 4'' wide top chord for stability, and requires minimal truck/storage space with the availability of storage carts. The QU-312 Triangle Truss with 840 lbs. UDL over a 30' span, and 400 lbs UDL over a 40ft span also has the availability of storage carts.

TOMCAT's new Curtain Track Truss

TOMCAT's new Curtain Track Truss has the following features: An integrated track which accepts readily available carriers, includes self aligning connection plates, and its 2'' members accept commonly used mounting hardware. It also offers a single and double track configuration with a 30ft. span UDL capacity of 1000 lbs., is available curved or straight, and is perfect for walking curtains/screens.

TOMCAT'S Solutions for Specific Custom Projects

In addition to the TOMCAT team, John Gittins from Brilliant Stages was on hand to chat with LDI participants about recent projects and how TOMCAT can help to provide solutions for specific custom projects.

“Our fully staffed in-house design department works closely with customers, designers and consulting engineering firms to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety. These standards are consistent with applicable ANSI, AWS and Aluminum Association requirements and principles” added Keith Bohn.

With a commitment to service and a reputation for manufacturing products of the highest quality, TOMCAT has been established with customers worldwide and continues to demonstrate the same spirit of innovation after 23 years on the road.

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