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TOMCAT presents Solutions for Religious Venues

TOMCAT at WFX 2010 offers solutions and products as support to religious venues with rigging, staging and support structures to overcome various technical challenges. Examples of the wide range of standard truss support products were displayed at the expo as TOMCAT team members spoke with worship facility leaders from across America.

“TOMCAT has provided a wide variety of solutions for religious venues ranging from simple truss spans on a couple of points, to complex custom grids finished to exact specifications with rigging automation and other features that were once imagined and then created,” stated Brad Barnhill, Brand Manager for TOMCAT.

“We know that church teams have specific needs and requirements, so we encourage them to contact us for assistance in the design and provision of superior structural products for their projects and to engage our in-house design department that works closely with customers, designers and engineering firms to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety” added Barnhill.

With a commitment to service and a reputation for manufacturing products of the highest quality, TOMCAT has been established with customers worldwide and continues to demonstrate the same spirit of innovation after 23 years on the road. Now more than ever, communities and congregations seek to create environments that inspire and are conducive to deliver their messages to their audiences in an effective manner and TOMCAT is ready to serve and make it happen!

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