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Tom Bensen of RF Pro

I'm here with exhibitor Tom Bensen of RF Pro, who's showcasing EM Acoustics, Dolby/Lake, Trantec Wireless, Optocore Fiber, Powersoft, APB Consoles, and PRAM Technology products for the theatre sound market. I'll give him the floor...

I am a charter member of BSMC and can say in all truth this was the best ever - the best venue, the best attendance and the best sessions. Those who came here to learn were serious and those who came to teach and share their knowledge and experience were extremely professional in their approach and presentations. I feel that Live Design does what no other industry publication does when it comes to the encouragement of professionals sharing their craft with the generation that will follow. The BSMC environment is one of mentoring and learning and they have set a new standard that should serve as an example to all. I am glad to be here this year and will certainly be back in the years ahead. Special thanks to Michael and Kathy Eddy and all the staff who have made this the most successfiul BSMC ever.

Thanks, Tom. Check out RF Pro at

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