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Toby Keith is Locked and Loaded with Seth Jackson and Bandit

Toby Keith is Locked and Loaded with Seth Jackson and Bandit

toby-keith-pic-2.jpg toby-keith-pic-1.jpg Superstar Toby Keith continued his sold out touring tradition in 2011 with yet another masterpiece from show producer Seth Jackson. The long time collaboration between Jackson and Keith continues to break new barriers every year. Jackson, manager TK Kimbro, tour manager David Milam, production manager Ashley Swan and lighting director Eddie “Bones” Connell have worked with Bandit Lites and VP Michael Golden for many years. The partnership between the parties is more like family than a traditional relationship.

The current Locked and Loaded Tour has performed around the globe to excited, sold out audiences everywhere. The tour continues into 2012, as the demand for Toby's powerful music only seems to grow. Toby's new album, Clancy's Tavern was just released and entered the charts at number one, with his number one single Made in America. The song Red Solo Cup is a huge viral sensation, being one of the most viewed songs on the internet.

Jackson cooked up a very heavy metal look for Keith this year, with the heart of the stage being a 60-foot wide wall of Bandit 5 x 5 Blinders that is 8 feet tall. The base washes are provided compliments of Infinity Wash XL's along with the popular GRNLite Moving Wash, which provides limitless, deep, saturated colors. There are also GRNLite PARs to add to the power washes Seth has created. Seth has chosen VL 3000 and VL 2500 Spots to deliver his hard edge effects on the show. Atomic Strobes, Thomas 8 Lights and Lycian M2 Spots round out the arsenal of weaponry. Bones runs the show nightly on a pair of Grand MA consoles, and he does an expert job as he has been with Toby since the very early days, as he knows the music inside and out.

The entire show has a very edgy rock feel and look to it in both programming and is physical size and layout. The tour was preprogrammed in Nashville in Bandit's rehearsal studio, Venue One. Bones and Seth spend over a week together creating the show at Bandit in the solitude of the facility. When the show hit rehearsal the lighting system was 100% ready to rock.

Golden stated, “Working with Seth and the entire Toby Keith organization is nothing short of amazing. They are all seasoned professionals and they are a pleasure to work in support of”.

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