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Tim Dunn Presents World Cup Closing Ceremony For Robe At LDI

Tim Dunn Presents World Cup Closing Ceremony For Robe At LDI

Lighting designer Tim Dunn from Gearhouse South Africa will give a presentation about lighting the acclaimed Closing Ceremony for the 2010 FIFA World Cup for Robe at LDI2010.

The presentation will run once daily for the three days of the show, one of which will be in Spanish. Interested parties can register for a place at the front desk of the Robe booth #2324.

Dunn will discuss his design--using Robe and other fixtures--and the challenges of lighting the award winning event at Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa, produced by The VWV Group. It has been hailed as the most spectacular World Cup ceremony to date. Dunn's presentation will detail the challenges faced by him and his team, which included precision lighting around the large format pitch video projections, and the subtleties of pinpointing the large cast while producing a show with all the spectacle and power required for a stadium audience for the biggest sporting event in the world.

Dunn will also expand on his use of MA Lighting's Visualiser to pre-program the show, and the control network used to route over 30 DMX universes. There will also be the opportunity for a full Q&A session.

Copies of a new book, Sense of Occasion, a pictorial documentation of Dunn's recent design work including events as diverse at the South African Presidential Inauguration to the Opening Ceremony of the T20 Cricket Championships in Bangalore, India will also be available for viewing at the presentation.

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