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Tight Beams! Tight Budgets! Tight Spaces! Elation Introduces Ultra-Compact Design Beam 1200C 1200W Hybrid Spot-Wash-Beam Projector With Wireless DMX

Tight Beams! Tight Budgets! Tight Spaces! Elation Introduces Ultra-Compact Design Beam 1200C 1200W Hybrid Spot-Wash-Beam Projector With Wireless DMX

LOS ANGELES – You might call Elation Professional's new Design Beam 1200C CMY moving head a “dream beam” for today's lighting designers. A 1200W hybrid that can perform as either a spot, wash or long throw beam projector, the Design Beam 1200C puts amazing versatility in the designer's hands, while its 3-in-1 functionality provides the exceptional value demanded by today's budget-concerned customers. Although it blasts a mighty 1200W output, it's housed in a compact case more typical of a 575W fixture, so it can be installed in tight spaces and is very convenient to transport on tours and traveling productions.

Add in wireless DMX and a full range of professional design features, and the Design Beam 1200C truly is an innovative multi-purpose fixture for nightclubs, churches, rental houses, theaters, concerts, and other entertainment events. “We developed the Design Beam 1200C to be a complete 1200W DMX moving head that meets the demands of today's lighting market and challenging economy,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “People are looking for ever more powerful, yet smaller fixtures. Today's designers and clients also want versatility and value, and the Design Beam 1200C delivers with its ability to do triple-duty as a wash, spot or beam projector. This multi-functionality makes the Design Beam 1200C especially great for the rental market.

“Designers also want cutting-edge features like wireless DMX, along with lots of effects and colors,” added Loader. “We've included the complete ‘wish list,' while keeping the price in line with the substantial dollar value that has become associated with Elation products.”

Powered by a Philips MSR1200 7,500k discharge lamp, the Design Beam 1200C provides extreme light output, shooting out 107,500 lux at 25', and producing a very tight 6.7° beam angle. A Variable Frost feature allows the unit to function as either a spot or wash -- simply apply varying degrees of Frost to morph the hard edge beam into a softer wash-like effect.

Equipped with a CMY color mixing system with variable CTO color correction, the Design Beam 1200C can produce a rainbow of colors with 16-bit movement and color fading. It also features 8 static replaceable dichroic colors, including CTB and UV. Eye-popping effects can be created with the unit's 2 gobo wheels, one containing 6 rotating/indexing gobos, and the other with 7 static replaceable gobos. A dimmer and strobe effect provide even more visual excitement.

The Design Beam 1200C can operate on 21 DMX channels standard or 30 channels in 16-bit mode. It features a built-in wireless DMX receiver that utilizes technology from world-renowned Wireless Solution Sweden AB. This allows it to receive DMX signals wirelessly from up to 3,000 feet that are sent via Elation's EWDMXT wireless DMX transmitter (sold separately) or other wireless DMX transmitters made by Wireless Solution. From the operator's standpoint, the DMX signals will flow reliably and without interruption, thanks to system's Adaptive Frequency Hopping Technology, which changes frequencies 1000 times per second to stay on channels that are not in use. “Wireless DMX technology, along with the Design Beam 1200C's compact size, make it an ideal solution for hard-to-light areas that are tight on space or where cable can't be run for one reason or another,” noted Loader.

For those who prefer to stay wired, the Design Beam 1200C offers both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections. As standard with Elation's Design Series moving heads, it includes a DMX Record mode, which allows users to record 4 different shows direct from the DMX console for playback on the unit. Plus, users can adjust the DMX profile attributes manually to emulate other fixtures if a show has been programmed already with another fixture type.

With its high output and 630° or 540° Pan and 265° selectable Tilt, the Design Beam 1200C is great for producing sweeping effects and color in larger venues when a small profile fixture is required. It measures only 18.5” x 18.2” x 20.3” and weighs just 78.5 lbs., thanks in part to a lightweight electronic ballast.

The MSRP of the Design Beam 1200C is $9,199.95.

For more information, call Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit Elation Design Beam 1200C

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