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Three New Products from Artistic Licence Engineering

Three New Products from Artistic Licence Engineering

Artistic Licence Engineering is releasing three useful new products: DMX-Buffer, Rail-Contact and Rail-Sequence.

All three are shipping with immediate effect.

DMX Buffer

DMX Buffer

DMX-Buffer is an inline DMX & RDM line booster/buffer with a choice of Ethercon or XLR connections.

Perfect for those times when you need more distance than the maximum 300m, or more than 32 devices on a single DMX cable.

DMX-Buffer RJ45 has Ethercon connectors allowing easy use of Cat5 cable. Cat5 cable is familiar to most electricians and is easily accessible. DMX-Buffer is perfect for simple jobs when you don't want to use a DMX splitter and, in combination with Cat5 cabling, helps keep installation costs to a minimum.

DMX-Buffer XLR uses standard 5 pin XLR connectors. This provides a more rugged, robust option that is ideal for touring purposes.

Both benefit from that rare commodity of full RDM support so not only can you control your DMX fixtures, you can also configure them from a further distance.

Housed in a protective metal case and powered from a standard 9V PSU with a DC jack connector, installing and using DMX-Buffer could not be more simple. In all, DMX-Buffer gives you peace of mind as a cost effective means of extending a DMX cable or increasing the numbers of fixtures without affecting performance.


Rail-Contact is a DMX Trigger with 8 Opto-Isolated Inputs and a cascade option, developed for applications requiring a level of integration between external switches and DMX control.

Rail-Contact converts 8 contact closures to 8 consecutive DMX channels. These channels can also cascade in sequence on the same DMX cable. If more than 8 channels are required, then two Rail-Contacts can be linked together to form a 16 channel device (or any multiple of 8 ) and convert up to 16 contact closures.

Rail-Contact allows a DMX controller to be triggered, via DMX, by various switches such as pressure mats, to make a perfect solution for a system that is required to be interactive with its surroundings.


Rail-Sequence is a 6-channel Mains Relay with automatic Time Delayed Power Sequencer.

It has been designed to work with equipment that contains Switch Mode PSUs that have a high in-rush current. Having multiple PSUs on a single circuit breaker can cause the circuit breaker to trip when power is applied. Rail-Sequence will avert 'switch-on' overloading by staggering each of its 6 outputs to switch on at 1 second intervals. This makes it the ideal solution when repowering large installations.

Unlike many other products on the market, Rail-Sequence is DIN Rail mounted rather than rackmounted, so is easy to install and fits alongside other Artistic Licence Engineering DIN Rail products and standard circuit breakers.

Sequence-Filter is a DIN Rail mounted current inrush limiter that will provide protection for the internal relays on Rail-Sequence when used with inductive loads.

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