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Think Your Cell Phone Won't Hurt You?

Think Your Cell Phone Won't Hurt You?

Not to arouse fears in the hearts of all those who don't sit behind a desk all day and have a wired phone at the ready, but this article is worthy of a read. With all the freelancers out there and folks working in venues lacking access all day to the old-fashioned version of the telephone (when's the last time you heard someone use the word "telephone"?), this article made me take notice.

Check out the Associated Press announcement from this morning:

With all the speculation that cell phones might have an effect on the ol' noggin, subsequently squashed by many studies, at least one guy is still worried, and heck, he's a cancer researcher. There's just something about the question " you want to play Russian roulette with your brain?" that gets me every time. Of course, still no conclusive evidence, but when smart people are concerned, I pay attention. Of course, they might have stock in phone jack wall plates :)


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