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Techni-Lux Announces New Distributorship with Mighty Bright

Techni-Lux Inc of Orlando, FL is proud to announce our newest partnership with Mighty Bright. Mighty Bright is a leading manufacturer of personal LED clip-on and task lights. Techni-Lux has entered into a cooperation with Mighty Bright for the Specialty, Entertainment and Music industries. Effective immediately Mighty Bright products, including the popular Orchestra Light and Duet LED Music Light, are now available from Techni-Lux.

“This is an exciting addition to our ever expanding product lines” states Alex Gonzalez, VP of Techni-Lux, “Mighty Bright is now available for delivery from our vast inventory. Dealers can now mix and match these unique products in any quantity without having to take a whole case, add them to existing orders or even drop ship them quickly to their customers. They are a great add-on sale.” Mighty Bright products are environmentally-friendly LED gooseneck lights that are either battery and/or transformer powered. Mighty Bright lights are great for music stands, mixing consoles, desks, backstage areas and any other place where location specific task lighting is needed. Tony Hansen, Resident Lighting Designer of Techni-Lux states “The Mighty Bright lights are great for me to use as a quick podium light or orchestra light where I have no power available. They last all night on a battery and are plenty bright, compact, lightweight and durable. Everyone is going to want one of these!”

"We are pleased to be working with Techni-Lux, one of the most highly-ranked professional lighting equipment and accessories distributors in the country," says Dustin Cheatham, Manufacturer's Representative for Mighty Bright.

"Mighty Bright is the original LED Musician's Light, built on quality and utility. The large selection of authentic Mighty Bright personal lighting products will prove beneficial to users across Techni-Lux's wide list of customer segments in live entertainment and lighting. Our agreement will provide a different avenue to new customers: orchestras, theaters, night clubs, DJs, school auditoriums, and houses of worship, to name a few. The high standards of the professional market will always necessitate superior-quality lights, such as our 9-LED Orchestra Light, complete with batteries, AC adapter and 10' cord and its successors the Encore and HammerHead LED Music Lights. Every Mighty Bright product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee," adds Cheatham, "Our mutual dealers will enjoy the ease of simply adding Mighty Bright lights onto their re-stock orders from Techni-Lux."

Techni-Lux is a full service lighting distributor and manufacturer with design assistance service for over 21 years. Several lines are exclusively distributed including Tracker, Dexel, UltraLED, Red Lighting, ShowCad, Teclumen and Studio Due. For additional information, contact Techni-Lux at 407-857-8770, or visit us at

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Mighty Bright designs and manufactures innovative LED lights for consumers and professionals. Mighty Bright integrates high quality materials and intelligent design with the latest in LED and optical technologies at an affordable price. Mighty Bright lights blend, ease of use and affordability with impressive functionality, durability and portability. No matter your illumination needs, Mighty Bright is there to fill them. For more information, contact Mighty Bright at 800.922.3233 or visit

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