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Tech Packet Ligthing Design Statement

As part of the tech packet released to the individual productions. I was asked to included an introductory statement. It's posted below for those interested....

The release of this technical information packet represents my first opportunity to introduce myself to most of you. As lighting designer for the Crown Point Festival I am responsible for creating a comprehensive lighting design that will work within production parameters but also serve the needs of the eight individual plays. It is my goal to create a design for each play that will make it at once distinct, but also a curated part of the larger festival.

It‘s no secret that collaboration is the key to good theatre. Consider this the opening of lines of communication between each play and myself. Alli Housworth, our theatrical producer, will be scheduling meetings in accordance with the larger production schedule. These meetings will give us a chance to talk about your play, the proposed scenic design, my thoughts and ideas on creating the world of the play, and of course your vision of the piece.

While Alli is very gracious to do this advance work for us, please do not limit yourself to only these meetings. I welcome you all to contact me. The earlier each play has some shape the more I can accomplish on the design side. When working within the confines of a festival design decisions are necessarily affected by shared resources. The sooner I can solidify my plans the sooner I can figure out how best to accomplish our collaborated vision of the work.

The production team of Crown Point will generate a rehearsal schedule that allows times for me to watch at least one run thru of each piece. While I am open to watching more rehearsals and some plays will inherently need more attention, scheduling can become very difficult. We will create a framework that should satisfy necessity, but your input is crucial to the creation of a professional production.

I am truly excited to have this chance to collaborate with so many talented writers, directors, designers, and actors in a great venue. We have assembled a fantastic technical and production staff. Thank you for sharing this chance with me. I can‘t wait to get to work.

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