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Tarzan Opening, Hamburg Germany

Tarzan Opening, Hamburg Germany

Production Glue, LLCTarzan Hamburg, Germany is pleased to celebrate the opening of the 3rd production of Tarzan, the Disney musical. The Hamburg version of the show was produced in association with Stage Entertainment and is a sit down sit down production in the Neue Flora Theatre.

By far the most elaborate version of the show produced to date, the creative team really pushed the show out into the audience. Several automated scenic and performer effects were added to the front of house area to create an immersive jungle environment for the audience.

In total the show is one of the largest performer flying shows ever produced (as far as I know). There are more than 35 axis for performer automation and another 40 or so for scenic automation effects in the show. Tarzan Hamburg, Germany

To execute all of this and assist the Stage Entertainment technical team we shipped our senior associate, Matt Richman, to Germany for 4 months. It was a long assignment but Matt enjoys the international travel and loves working in foreign countries. This is his second over seas assignment for Tarzan, his first was a 5 month stint to mount the Holland production of Tarzan. He has many stories to tell - ask him about it next time you see him on site.

It was great experience for all of us and gave us an opportunity to further realize the production that began on Broadway but that has since moved to the international stage with a great deal of success. Working for Disney and their creative team is tremendously rewarding for us and allows us to stay true to our theatrical roots. Working with Stage Entertainment and their preferred production partners has introduced us to a strong group of fabricators and equipment suppliers from the UK, Holland and Germany, and those connections have further strengthened our ability to provide technical consulting to US based corporate clients for their shows in Europe. Theatrical technical direction is central to our goal to stay on the cutting edge and work in a variety of live show markets - what we learn in one segment of the business allows us to help our clients in other segments of the entertainment industry.

Tarzan is currently playing in an open ended engagements at the Circus Theater in Scheveningen Holland and the Neue Flora theater in Hamburg Germany.

Technical Highlights

36 performer automation winches

9 flying tracks

two automation control systems

42 axis of scenic automation

over 500 conventional lighting fixtures

over 135 moving lights

over 230 LED fixtures

more then 2000 sq meters of fabric

over 210 sq meters of custom printed carpet

3,000 meters of rope

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