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frederic-opsomer-carol-scott-innovation-award-plasa.jpgLast week saw TAIT take home a coveted Innovation Award at the PLASA show in London for the TAIT pixel tablet. Frederic Opsomer and Carol Scott accepted the award for the piece of technology which has transformed the face of conventional 2D video in 2012.

During the PLASA show's opening two days, 47 products were judged live in front of a crowd of show visitors and camera crew by an independent panel of expert judges who toured the show floor to view each product presentation. The judges, including Ola Melzig, Cat West, Mats Karlsson and Ben M. Rogers noted that the TAIT Pixel Tablet was “absolutely stunning. It's the ultimate in audience participation."

The three by three RGB tablets can be hand held, placed in adaptable holders or mounted on a netting system to allow coverage of any landscape or architectural façade. They take the concept of traditional 2D video and turn it into a 3D screen, while incorporating the audience into the screen and show.

“The assembly of dispersed LED pixels to form very large video images has been with us for some time,” explained Frederic Opsomer, CEO of Tait, who drove the development of this stunning new device. “But never before has it been done on such a scale, and with such organic animation. We are thrilled to take home a PLASA innovation award for the pixel tablet and are looking forward to seeing its future use within sporting, architectural, touring and installation markets; the possibilities are truly endless”.

Sustainability was a key element in the design of the pixel tablet system both in the sourcing of the components and ensuring the product had an afterlife. The system was therefore designed to be adaptable to increase potential use for future live productions and architectural installations.

Landscape video opens unlimited opportunities for the use of this type of technology in live events and architectural environments. Communication of any message on a large scale can be achieved without limits. “We think this is a blank canvas that event organisers are really going to enjoy,” says Carol Scott, Director of Sales and Marketing, Tait. “Having resolved the logistical problems down to manageable and affordable proportions, this becomes a realistic tool with which to enhance your event communication.”

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