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Tait Takes Pink's 'The Truth About Love' Tour Out with Custom Elements


Working under the artistic direction of Baz Halpin and Chris Nyfield, TAIT created custom scenic and staging elements designed around the tour’s central theme of love and heartbreak. To ensure a similar performance environment for the artist within the time constraints of the tour, an identical, leapfrogging main stage was replicated for the European leg. Dedicated to providing clients with user-friendly, innovative design, TAIT was elated to learn that Pink’s production team, led by Richard Young, was impressed by the quality of TAIT’s design, as well as the speed and ease in which all the elements could be put together.

Key Elements:

TAIT designed a custom heart-shaped video screen surround with a scenic finish that was used to frame the LED panels provided by Creative Technology.  To enhance the aesthetic quality of the element, TAIT crafted scenic, foam “Fleur De Lys”, positioned on top of the video screen. A decorative cradle was incorporated at the base of the heart-shaped structure.  TAIT provided full integration between the three elements, creating one solid scenic structure. With functionality in mind, the element was designed to break down into separate sections for ease in transport. The “Fleur De Lys” element easily detaches for use in lower-trim venues.

TAIT also produced 4 custom, scenic surrounds for the flying LED screens provided by Creative Technology that were positioned alongside the heart-shaped element.

TAIT engineered a custom banner light box with LED lighting effects, which illuminated the words “The Truth About Love”. The light box was built into the surround structure and suspended above the stage.

TAIT crafted a scenically-painted, heart-shaped B-Stage which contained a hidden pool, filled with glitter. As one of the main gags during the performance, the artist is lowered below the stage surface via a swing and then quickly lifted and spun around, sending glitter out across the audience.  

Other Elements:

Main stage with 2 DS Toaster Lifts, 1DS Prop Lift, center portal and prop lift, band risers, DS Thrust, masking softgoods, layered backdrop, U-shaped Austrian. A second main stage was also created to leap frog the first for the European leg of the tour.

About TAIT: Since 1978, TAIT has been building touring systems for the top entertainment acts in the world, working with clients such as U2, Rolling Stones, Metallica and beyond. TAIT also serves as the global leader in the production of LED and scenic elements for the live event and architectural markets, as well as the provider of automation and control equipment for the theatrical, motion picture, touring production and themed attraction markets. With TAIT offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan and China, clients across the globe are assured a unique blend of revolutionary technology, high-quality craftsmanship and personalized service.

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